Everything About The Honda City Hybrid | Mileage of 25 Km/Liter!

Everything About The Honda City Hybrid | Mileage of 25 Km/Liter!

It will be unveiled at April 14th, and the price is expected to be start around 14 lakhs.

Honda has taken the wraps off the unveil dates for the Honda City Hybrid version. Although it was supposed to be launched last year, it got delayed to this year, and will finally launch at 14th April. The price for the same is expected to be at 14 lakhs. Read this article to find out more about the new Honda City Hybrid e: HEV.

Honda City e: HEV – Will have 1.5-litre Petrol Engine + 2 Electric Motors 

The Honda City Hybrid runs on a 1.5-litre petrol engine which would be coupled with 2 electric motors. It will use the i-MMD technology that Honda started offering globally in its international models of cars like the CR-V and Jazz.

  1. Honda City Hybrid will get a 1.5 litre naturally aspirated engine that produces 96.5 hp
  2. The first electric motor is an ISG. An integrated starter generator starts the car with the help of an electric motor. In the city, it will also provide extra boost and power to the car on highways and turns off the engine when the car is at a constant speed for a long time i.e when the car is coasting or at idle.
  3. The second electric motor generates a power output of 109hp and 253Nm of torque and it gives power to the front wheels.
  4. Both the engine and the electric motors combined give a combined output 110 bhp and 250nm of torque, and will be mated to an e-CVT transmission.
  5. Electric motors will charge themselves.
  6. While the 0-100 km/h time of the regular City is good, we expect the hybrid version to be even quicker. As of now, the Honda City does 0-100 km/h sprint in 10.2 seconds. The Honda City Hybrid can do it in about 9.2 seconds, given the extra power of the electric motor.

Drive Only Using Electric Motor via Pure EV ModeMileage of 25 km/l!

Honda City Hybrid will get a claimed mileage of around 28 km/l. Honda claims this for Malaysia-spec model which will be similar to the Indian one. However, we expect the real life mileage to around 25 km/l in cities and highways both.

  1. On highways it would be extra efficient because while cruising at constant speeds, the engine shuts down and the electric motor takes its place.
  2. In bumper to bumper traffic, one could switch to its Pure EV mode to drive only using the battery. This would help in achieving a great mileage. As you gain speed, it changes to hybrid mode, and then at even greater speeds, switches to pure petrol mode.

Gets Extra Hi-Tech Safety Features Like Emergency Braking!

Automatic Emergency Braking

The Honda City Hybrid will also be getting extra safety features, and will sport an all-black interior. It will be the first car to sport Honda’s Sensing Technology. These features are-

  1. Emergency Braking. (This feature automatically stops the car beforehand by sensing traffic in front, in emergencies.)
  2. Lane Departure Warning
  3. Adaptive Cruise Control
  4. Lane Keep Assist
  5. Auto High Beam Assist
  6. Front Collision Warning System

Honda City Hybrid To Get Minor Exterior Changes

To differentiate the normal and hybrid versions of the Honda City, Honda will be adding some sporty elements to the exterior of the car. It will get sportier bumpers all black ORVMs, with other black inserts at places such as the grille.

So this was everything about the Honda City Hybrid for now. Find other interesting reads at the GoMechanicBlog!

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