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10 Evil Car Habits We Need To Forget (Diwali Special)

Diwali, one of the important festivals in the wast country like India signifies, colour, glamour, radiance, and most importantly the victory over evil. And the talking about evil, these are the wrongful habits we are after. So, with this colourful and bright festival, Diwali, approaching quickly, let’s take a pledge and change some of our evil car habits. Here are 10 of them that we may or may not be guilty of.

  1. Tailgating


    One of the frustrating habits that many have is tailgating. This is when the driver driving behind doesn’t leave ample space when following another vehicle. Okay, we get it either the driver in front may be driving a lot slower, but one should not tailgate. This puts the life of the occupants in both vehicles in jeopardy. Hence, to be safe out on the road make sure, you leave at least 4 car lengths behind the car you are following.

  2. Driving between two lanes

    Not following lanes
    Not following lanes

    Out on the highway, one of the most prominent and annoying habits people have is driving in between two lanes. Lanes on the highway are for the driver’s convenience as it is easy to predict and make maneuvers. But after informing them repeatedly they still do not follow the lanes on the highway. Well, probably the most helpful thing out there for you as well as other drivers on the highway are the lanes. Lane driving on highways is a must!

  3. Stopping After or On The Zebra Crossing

    Stopping Further into a junction
    Stopping Further into a junction

    Traffic lights are truly a boon in tech cities like Bangalore and Delhi. Well having traffic lights on a junction is one thing and people following it quite another. Especially in Delhi, people tend to stop further into the junction. This means either the car is far ahead of the zebra crossing hindering the other traffic or on the zebra crossing impeding the pedestrians from crossing the road. Well, for everyone’s convenience and safety the driver should stop before the zebra crossing. Also, to keep this in check Delhi police has installed motoring cameras on the traffic lights. And the one failing to follow the rules gets a ticket. Voila!

  4. Honking Unnecessarily

    Useless car accessories
    Pressure Horn

    A vehicle, be it a car or a motorcycle there are two ways to interact with the environment, horn and lights. Where lights are a sensible choice, horns are loud and a little scary. Scary? For others around you. So, the use of the horn should be judicious and should be limited. But here in India, it is seen people have a finger/hand on the horn button while driving.

  5. Driving With High Beam In City

    night driving tips
    Use Low beam

    This is something most of us are guilty of. In the city at night, we usually forget that the headlights are set on a high beam. This impedes the vision of the person coming from the opposite side. This could escalate fast real quick. So, next time you drive at night, make sure the high beam is used only on the highways and not intercity drives.

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  6. Installing Aftermarket Lights

    night driving tips
    Aftermarket Car headlights / Evil Driving Habits

    Most of the car’s top-end trims in India either get LED or a HID lights setup. So, in order to get similar lights, people tend to install only the bulbs in the conventional light setup. Well LED and HID bulbs require either a specific bulb housing or a projector setup. Otherwise, even in the low beam setting, you’d be blinding the oncoming traffic. Hence it is recommended to either stick to the stock lights and go for aftermarket LED and HID bulbs only if the headlight housing has a projector assembly.

  7. Turning On Auxiliary Lights In The City

    Car Auxiliary Lights
    Car Auxiliary Lights

    Having Auxiliary lights installed in a vehicle is by far one of the best additions to a car. But the use of these lights is limited. Usually, these are the off-road vehicles that possess auxiliary lights as these help in extremely dark environments. But in the city, one should avoid turning these lights on. It’s a no-brainer that these lights will bling everyone and everything in its way.

  8. Not Giving Way To Emergency Vehicles

    Force Traveller Ambulance
    Force Traveller Ambulance / Evil Driving Habits

    It’s not only an evil habit but also a sin not giving way to emergency vehicles. Probably the healthiest habit while driving is to make way for vehicles like the ambulance and fire truck. So, next time you hear a siren make sure you are hampering the way of that emergency vehicle.

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  9. Cutting Into The Oncoming Lane In Mountains

    Night Driving Tips
    Driving-on-hills / Evil Driving Habits

    Driving in plains is quite different from driving in hills. The main concern when driving in hilly areas is the narrow roads. This also forms the reason for people not familiar with hill driving to move into the oncoming traffic lane. This happens especially on turns which usually requires extra effort to turn which is extremely dangerous. So, next time you drive on hills make sure you have eyes on the roads and all the eyes on the oncoming traffic. And if it’s a bling spot, Do Not overtake or impede the oncoming traffic.

  10. Not Using Turn Signals Properly

    Drive safely in tunnels
    Turn Signal / Evil Driving Habits

    One of the most selfish driving practices is failing to signal when making a turn. To lessen the chance of a collision, surrounding drivers must be able to know your route. On the other hand, having your signal on for longer can be just as annoying. In any case, the drivers would not know when you’re truly turning if you signal too far ahead of time. So, if you do use a signal, make sure to alert others before proceeding. Additionally, this too affects when changing lanes out on the highway.

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So, let’s make sure this Diwali we are aware of our driving mistakes and evils driving habits and rectify them for a safer and better driving experience. Happy Diwali!

Utkarsh Bhardwaj
Technical Content Strategist at GoMechanic | Big Time Petrolhead with the passion for building cars and driving those beauties.

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