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Fastag Ending In India Soon? Explained!

The Fastag system was introduced in India a few years ago. However, it gained immense traction in the last 1 year. So much so that over 93% of vehicles on Indian highways are equipped with a fastag. Recently, the center has declared that the fastag system will be made obsolete very soon. It will be replaced by a much more efficient and cost-effective toll collection method. Today, let’s see why is the Fastag ending.

  1. Fastag ending because toll collection is inefficient

    Currently, if you enter a highway or an expressway, you pay the toll for the entire route, irrespective of where you get off. For example, if the toll on an expressway is Rs. 250, you will pay the entire amount even if you exit before completing the entire expressway. This makes highway travel unnecessarily expensive for daily commuters. This is why the Fasting ending will be beneficial for everyday users.FASTag Sticker On A Honda City

  2. Fastag ending because GPS tracking is on the way!

    According to MORTH Minister Nitin Gadkari, all the toll plazas across India will be removed within one year. This will be the first step towards the fastag ending. Toll collection would instead happen on the basis of the distance traveled by a vehicle on that highway. These distances will be measured using a sophisticated satellite setup that will track them via GPS. So now, if you travel only half of an expressway, you will only pay for what you have used.FASTag avaiable for free once again

  3. How else is this beneficial?

    Apart from the fair and square calculation of toll, this system will have other benefits too. The travel time and the number of traffic jams around toll plazas will be significantly reduced once this system is implemented. Moreover, for those people who keep finding ways to skip the toll, this will be a nightmare. There is literally no escaping from a satellite!

Do you think the fastag ending will be a good decision for highway travel in India? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. It’s said that if I have to wait more than 10 secs at the toll plaza, I don’t have to pay anything. But, fast tag will automatically get deducted when I cross the gate. How to stop that ?

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