Got a FASTag as soon as the notification from the Government came in? But the machines are not able to read the tags? If your tag has no issues and the account linked to it has also got enough balance to pay the tax, then you’ll need to pay a total of zero road tax, yes you read that right!

What! A Toll Plaza without a FASTag Lane? [Watch Video]

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  • The commuters will be allowed to leave the toll without having to pay any sort of fee and a mandatory zero transaction receipt will be issued for such a case. Though the user should have a properly working FASTag and an account with sufficient funds linked to it. The vehicle will then only be allowed to pass without paying any fee for the toll. 
  • For those who don’t know about FASTag, it is an electronic RFID device. It comes in the form of sticker which is pasted on the windshield of the vehicle. It enables the drivers to drive through tolls without stopping. The toll is deducted from an account which is linked to it.

Were you able to use FASTag properly?

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  • On December 1, 2019, FASTag was released pan-India. According to the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), the roll-out of the RFID collection facility at the tolls led to the issuance of nearly 1.1 crore FASTags till 24 December 2019.
  • NHAI has kept 25% lanes open for non-FASTag users and the rest 75% of the lanes are exclusively for FASTag users with a rule stating that if such user uses the FASTag lanes, he/she will be charged double the toll. 
FASTag reading machine faulty? No need to pay any toll.
No cash lanes at the tolls
  • Government has made it mandatory for all the vehicles passing through a toll to have FASTag by 15th of January 2020. It is expected that the electronic toll collection will ease the traffic congestions on the highways. 

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