Can Charging Electric Vehicles Become Faster Than Re-Fuelling?

Can EV Charging Become Faster?

Ever since electric vehicles have debuted, everything about them has impressed the masses quite a lot. However, one thing that haunts the acceptance of electric vehicles throughout the globe, are charging times and range. Even if consumers make up their mind to adjust with a lower range, long charging times and slow charging technology still makes them shy away from adopting an electric vehicle. So the million-dollar question is, can charging an EV ever become quicker than pumping up petrol? Let’s find out.

The Issue with Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Despite electric vehicles changing the way individuals look at personal mobility, one of the most major drawbacks of electric vehicles is their slow charging time. Even onboard the latest offerings such as the Nexon EV that features a 30.2 kWh battery, a full charge can only be achieved in about 8 hours, out of a conventional charger.

Even if a fast charger is employed charging time still remains about 2 hours. This is also the reality with other electric vehicles doing rounds in the Indian market. With slow charging times, consumers are sceptical to adopt electric mobility due to constant fear of being stranded in case the battery runs out.

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Is A Revolution Coming?

A revolution is coming: New Age Ultium Battery

Troubled by slow charging times and a lack of consumer enthusiasm towards Electric Vehicle adoption, global tech companies are employing their resources into research and development that could lead to the formulation of a new technology that can significantly cut down charging times. In fact, the aim of these tech companies is not just to cut down charging times, but to develop a charging technology so advanced that it can be as fast as refuelling a petrol car.

Much recently, new age lithium-ion batteries were developed by Israeli tech company Store Dot in collaboration with China’s Eve Energy. The company’s production of 1,000 sample batteries are capable enough to be charged in five minutes, the same amount of time it takes to fuel up a gas tank.

In a similar development, U.S based Solid Power that is backed by motoring giant Ford Motor Co. has also claimed that it is making progress with its new age, fast-charging solid-state batteries, hoping to reach the mass production stage in 2027.

U.S. based startup Quantum Scape which is backed by the Volkswagen Group is also working towards a battery that would have solid electrolytes and lithium metal to create a safer and denser cell that could also charge quickly. The development is funded well and the batteries can take shape as early as 3 years away, the company claims.

The Bottom Line

EV Battery Range Indicator

Even though the fast charging future of Electric Vehicle batteries is quite alluring, Store Dot’s “five-minute” battery will likely enter the mainstream market almost a decade later, as the company’s technology is still under development. Moreover, even if groups like Quantum Scape are able to mass-produce solid-state batteries that can charge faster than conventional ones, achieving the 5-10 minute mark is still a distant dream.

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