Is it that most of the carmakers in India focus on cost-cutting? Or they don’t give their 100% in building cars? But where this is coming from? Well, many of the car makers here in India, do cut corners here and because of which we miss out on some little but crucial features. Obviously, these features don’t make or break the deal but it’s always delighting to have them. So, in this feature, we have a dedicated list of features that usually car makers miss out on in the modern cars of today. Let’s step in!

  1. Plastic Wheel Cladding

    Hyundai Venue IMT Alloy Wheels
    Hyundai Venue IMT Alloy Wheels

    Before going further, yes cars do have plastic cladding in the wheel wells of the car. It helps in dampening the sound and saves the wells from small debris. Moving on, many of the carmakers have started omitting this plastic cladding. But just any other company willing to earn a month offer the cladding as an option at the dealership level. Tata Tiago is a perfect example. What do you think, of this? Shouldn’t the company be offering this plastic cladding as standard across all variants?

  2. Additional 12V Power Socket

    12V Power Socket
    12V Power Socket

    With all the things getting digital cars ought to have a 12V power socket in the vehicle. Well, the manufacturers do offer at least one power outlet, but it’s always convenient to have an additional power socket at the rear to power a whole lot of electronic devices. Well, these devices include a refrigerator and also a tyre inflator. All these also come in handy in multiple situations.

  3. Integrated Headrests

    Integrated Headrest
    Integrated Headrest

    Where the seats with integrated headrests look sporty, for many these seats are super uncomfortable. To begin with, for a reason carmakers provide adjustable headrests. But to cut corners, at times the car companies offer integrated headrests. At times, tall people face neck problems and for prolonged use, they even experience neck pain.

  4. Centre & Rear Armrest

    car accessories for old car
    Aftermarket Armrest | Image source: Team-BHP

    Coming to the next comforting feature, front and centre armrest. Where almost all the mid-range cars come at least with a rear centre armrest, it is the front armrest’s absence that troubles them most. With time the drivers and the co-drivers have developed a habit of travelling with resting elbows. And yes, it does make those long and even the short drives more comfortable. But on the other hand when carmakers just for the sake of anything compromise and this nifty little cosy feature.

  5. Dead Pedal

    Use Dead Pedal
    Dead Pedal

    The necessity that usually comes in a car with automatic transmission is the dead pedal. For those who are not aware, this is a plastic pedal or a metal piece attached to the left side of the driver-side footwell. This acts as a footrest for the left foot of the driver. This thing doesn’t seem to be big of a deal but it surely makes a huge difference on a long ride. Personal experience, you can drive your car that much more if your ride has a dead pedal. But many carmakers omit this feature from the cars with a manual transmission, Why? Good question!

  6. Illuminated Switches

    Illuminated Power Window Switches
    Illuminated Power Window Switches | features carmakers miss out

    There was a time when Hyundai did offer all illuminated interior switches, including the mirror controls and power window switches. But now, every second carmaker tried to cut corners here and there, this is where most of these cars do not come with illuminated switches. But to be precise we just are talking about the illuminated door switches and not the switched and buttons on the dashboard. Currently, cars like Ford Ecosport and Nissan Kicks come with all illuminated switches. Vo kya hai na, it’s easy to see these things at night.

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  7. Blindspot Mirror

    Integrated Blind Spot Mirror
    Integrated Blind Spot Mirror

    All the modern cars in the international market, not only come with a bling spot mirror but also a blind spot monitoring system. But here in India, cars with even blind sport mirror is a rare affair. But these are something that can be installed as an aftermarket accessory but it’s always satisfying to have one as stock. Cars like Ford Ecosport and Nissan Kicks have blind spot mirrors integrated into their ORVMs.

  8. Cooled Compartments (Glovebox)

    Cooled Glovebox
    Cooled Glovebox | features carmakers miss out

    On long drives, the feature that comes in handy in the weather like India’s is a cooled compartment. Although, many of the cars come with at least a cooled glove box. But vehicles like Mahindra Marazzo did come with a cooled glovebox, which the company has omitted in the new 2021 Marazzo.

  9. Illuminated Boot Space

    Boot space
    Illuminated Boot space | features carmakers miss out

    Small cars are a symbol of cost-cutting, hence they are deprived of most of the features mentioned on the list today. But when it comes to necessity, an illuminated boot is a must-have feature. That said, cars like Tata Tiago and Volkswagen Polo do have a provision of a bulb in the boot but the company is reluctant not to offer it in lower trims. Volkswagen Polo gets illumination in the top variants only.

  10. Auto Up/Down Power Windows

    2020 Honda City Interior
    2020 Honda City Interior | features carmakers miss out

    Powered windows are not a luxury but an essential feature of modern cars. Companies taking a step further, now have introduced one-touch up and one touch down power window switches. In everyday use, these are convineant and offer a degree of relief. But the catch is these auto-up and auto-down power windows are offered just with just the driver side window. But cars like Honda City and Volkswagen Polo have auto up and down windows for all the sides.

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