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10 Latest Features That Many Cars Will See In 2022

Time and technology have one thing in common; both are advancing with the passing of each second. Because of new technology, there are entries of multiple new features across all vehicles. These features make the drive safer, convenient and also more enjoyable. Here are the 10 latest features that many cars in 2022 will come with.

  1. ADAS

    Astor ADAS features
    Astor ADAS features

    Starting the list with the most advanced safety feature till now, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System). ADAS has slowly crept into the ecosystem of budget cars in the Indian automotive market. ADAS was a safety feature best associated with high-end luxury cars. But now, it is a part of the feature list in vehicles that cost a relative fraction of that amount.

    For instance, the cheapest vehicle in India that comes with level 2 ADAS features is the recently launched MG Astor. With the Advanced Driver Assistance System, simple car drives have become a low safer and the occupants.

  2. Blindspot Monitoring System

    Blind Spot Detection
    Blind Spot Detection

    We have another useful safety feature following the ADAS, particularly on Indian roads, the blindspot monitoring system. There is a relatively simple working of a blindspot monitor. A proximity sensor is installed on either side of the vehicle now if any vehicle (car, motorcycle or truck) comes near from the side, a light (usually on the ORVMs) will indicate the same. This helps the diver in knowing when there is any vehicle around their vehicle, saving them from a potential crash.

  3. Premium Sound Systems

    Bose Sound System
    Bose Sound System

    Moving on, the next feature that more cars come as standard with is the availability of premium sound systems. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people have recently started going on long trips in their own vehicles. This means, the addition of good premium speakers from brands like Bose, JBL, Infinity and more will add the required flavour to the journey.

  4. Wireless Smart Phone connectivity

    Android Auto Vs Apple CarPlay | GoMechanic
    Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

    2020 and 2021 were all about the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone connectivity. But in those initial years, you had to connect your phones to use the smartphone connectivity UI. Hence to make things more convenient, now we expect the carmakers to come with wireless smartphone connectivity in their new launches of vehicles.

  5. Standard 6 Airbags

    Side Airbags
    6 Airbags

    According to the new norms, there are talks of mandating 6 airbags for cars across all range of cars at all prices. Meaning with the addition of 4 more airbags will make cars plying on the Indian roads even more safe for the occupants.

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  6. Automatic Emergency Braking

    Automatic Emergency Braking
    Automatic Emergency Braking

    Adding more to vehicle safety, we believe that more cars in 2022 will be getting the automatic emergency braking system. Working in conjunction with ADAS, AEB allows the car to break itself if it detects any obstacle in front of the vehicle. This will drastically reduce the accidents caused due to inattentive drivers on the road.

  7. All digital instrument cluster

    All Digital Instrument Cluster
    All Digital Instrument Cluster

    Talking about technology, almost everything running on the road either gets a semi-digital instrument cluster or a digital instrument cluster. In 2022 we expect cars to come with huge screens instead of instrument clusters to display a low more information than before. Cars like the Mahindra XUV700, Skoda Slavia, Volkswagen Taigun, Hyundai Alcazar and more already have an all-digital instrument cluster.

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  8. AI bot & Alexa Enabled

    MG Astor AI Robot

    Smartphone connectivity is one thing, but having an AI bot with you in your vehicle is quite intimidating. Well, we think like the new MG Astor, more cars will get an AI bot in the year 2022. AI bot does all that a google assistant might do, but it also unlocked a whole new dimension of commands. These include “I am feeling hot” (to turn the cabin temperature down), “navigate to some destination” and more.

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  9. Digital Keys

    Digital car keys
    Digital car keys

    Keyless entry and go was a USP for cars in 2015. But in 2022 more cars are expected to get digital keys. Digital keys could mean a couple of things, for one digital keys, can transform your phone into a digital key with the installation of the proper application (if the car manufacturer has installed the hardware in the vehicle). Next, a simple credit card sized card can also be used as a digital key. This way, losing your car keys becomes a lot more difficult.

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  10. Ventilated Seats

    Front Ventilated Seats | Kia Sonet
    Front Ventilated Seats | Kia Sonet

    One of the car features we wish every modern vehicle in India should have is the ventilated seats. Hyundai Verna in 2018 came with this class-leading convenience feature, yet it has taken other carmakers to integrate it with their own vehicles. Well, things might just change, and in 2022, more cars are expected to arrive with this marvellous feature to keep everyone’s butt cool.

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These are the 10 features we expect most of the car launches in 2022 will have. In the comment section, which is your favourite, let us know if we missed any.

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