The lifeline of an engine is the engine oil. It is like the blood for the engine that prevents it from the harsh environment. Engine oil not only lubricates the moving parts of the engine but also prevents sludge and carbon built up. Result? It extends the life of the engine. Now, choosing the right engine oil is crucial as a simple periodic oil change will save you from huge repair bills. So, today in this read we being the best engine oil rated by Forbes Wheels which the Mobil 1 Extended Performance.

Know Your Engine Oils | Car Engine Oil Grades Explained
Know Your Engine Oils | Car Engine Oil Grades Explained

Why Pick Mobil 1 Extended Performance?

Mobil 1 Extended Performance
Mobil 1 Extended Performance Engine Oil

In the market, there are numerous manufacturers that manufacture fully synthetic engine oil. But when it comes to the Mobil 1 it definitely stands out.

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  • In 2021 Mobil 1 is known to have well-judged detergent and lubricating qualities.
  • Because of its composition, it comes in many high-performance engines from the factory.
  • If taken care of, this engine oil will last more than 18,000kms. Provided, if the driver drives under optimal conditions.
  • Better low and high-temperature performance
  • Better viscosity index, meaning, better lubrication.
  • Decreased evaporative losses
  • Reduces the efforts the engine has to put in, hence a little more power.
Pros of Mobil 1:
  1. Proven record of reliability for years
  2. Extended service intervals mean low maintenance cost
  3. Factory recommended

Servicing at GoMechainc

Engine Oil | A Comprehensive Guide | Everything You Need To Know
Engine Oil | A Comprehensive Guide | Everything You Need To Know

In one sentence we at GoMehchanic treat your car like our own. And for that, we put in extra efforts to make the service quality top notch. To keep the car in original condition GoMechanic uses genuine OEM and OES spare parts and top quality consumables including engine oil. So, to keep your car running for long we use and recommend using the awarded fully synthetic engine oil, Mobil 1 Extended Performance.

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