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10 Reasons Why The Force Gurkha Is Better Than The Mahindra Thar

There is no doubt that the Mahindra Thar is one of the most loved vehicles in India. However, there are also a few other off-roading SUVs that surely deserve our attention. And topping this list is a veteran off-off roader, the Force Gurkha.

A vehicle that has been in existence for over a decade, the Force Gurkha is a capable off-roader. With its ruggedly handsome looks and power-packed engine, the Gurkha actually has an edge over the Thar. If we’ve got you wondering about the same, then read on to know the 10 reason why the Force Gurkha is actually better than the Mahindra Thar.

Gurkha’s power-packed engine // Image only for representation purposes
  1. Power-packed engine

First things first, the Engine is definitely the Gurkha’s stronghold. Offered with two more capable and more powerful engine choices, the Gurkha comes with:

  • A 2.2 litre 4-cylinder diesel engine returning 140 PS of power with 321 Nm of torque.
  • A massive 2.6 litre 4-cylinder diesel engine returning 85 Ps of power with 230 Nm of torque.

Both engines onboard the Gurkha are sourced from Mercedes Benz; a testament to Gurkha’s capabilities.

Gurkha’s seating capacity // Image Source (1)

2. Seats more in comfort

Another aspect that gives the Gurkha an edge over the Thar is seating capacity. The current-gen Force Gurkha depending upon the variant chosen is available in both 5 and 6 seater avatars. This means that the Gurkha can not only seat more passengers but also offer more space compared to the Mahindra Thar.

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3.Larger fuel tank

Fuel Tank capacity is one of the least concerning factors for most vehicle buyers in India. But those who love exploring, and have an adventurer in their hearts, know the actual importance of fuel tank capacity. And with that said, it must be noted that the Force Gurkha comes with an exceptional fuel tank capacity of 63! The figure alone is about 6 litres more than the 57 litre capacity of Thar. Thus, by choosing the Gurkha over the Thar, you can definitely cruise more without worrying about a re-fuel.

Force Gurkha in its 4×4 glory // Image Source (2)

4.Smarter 4×4 capabilities

4×4 capabilities are the primary selling factor for both the Mahindra Thar as well as the Force Gurkha. However, when it comes to technical details of the 4×4, the Gurkha takes a lead. This is because the 4×4 system onboard the Gurkha comes with a mechanical differential lock for both axles. This means that the Gurkha can easily get out of tough situations, and has a better off-road capability overall.

5. Much more spacious

Another aspect that makes the Gurkha a worthy pick is its spacious layout. No matter which variant of the Gurkha you pick, each variant offers a better and more spacious layout as compared to the Thar. The rear seats of the Gurkha are also foldable to accommodate even more luggage in case you need it.

Force Gurkha 2020
Force Gurkha in its 3-door glory

6. Easy Ingress/Egress

Often ignored, easy ingress/egress is a crucial factor that determines the overall comfort of a vehicle. After all, who would want an uncomfortable experience just to get in and out of a vehicle? Well, ingress/egress is another place where the Gurkha shines. With a 5 door variant up for grabs, getting in and out of the Force Gurkha is a simple, convenient and comfortable task. Even on the 3 door variants, the bigger dimensions of the Gurkha allows for easy ingress/egress.

7. Better Ride Quality and In-Cabin Comfort

The Force Gurkha is the only vehicle in its class that comes with Coil Spring Suspension for all 4 wheels. This directly translates to a better ride quality capable of taking on difficult roads and even deeper potholes. The coil spring suspension greatly reduces even vibration and jerks, providing an overall comfortable ride and handling.

Force Gurkha BS6 | Upcoming Cars In March 2020
The Ruggedly Handsome Force Gurkha

8. Ruggedly Handsome Looks

Even though the looks department is quite subjective, the Gurkha seems to have a more ruggedly handsome look. The entire theme of the vehicle is built to look aggressive, sporty and absolutely muscular. With a boxy attire, black body cladding, roof-mounted carrier, windscreen protection bars, and a ladder at the rear, the Gurkha’s looks speak volume about its off-road capabilities.

9. Better departure and approach angles

Another aspect directly linked to the Gurkha’s off-road capability is its higher approach and departure angles. When compared to the approach (42 degrees) and departure (36.8 degrees) angles of the Mahindra Thar. The Force Gurkha gets an approach angle of 44 degrees and a departure angle of 40 degrees; a figure quite higher than what’s offered on the Thar. Not only can the Gurkha climb higher, but it can also descend more than the Thar while off-roading.

10. Over-all value for money

A culmination of all the 9 pointers above, the Force Gurkha seems to be a value for money package. What’s more, is Gurkha’s 3-year company warranty that lets you discover the middle of nowhere with a confident state of mind! Although Force has not yet brought in the BS6 alteration of Gurka we expect it to be priced aggressively.

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  1. It’s A Mercedes G Wagen of previous generation.3 members of my Off Roading Group Own the 130Bhp 320NM Torque Ghurka ETREME.
    A solidly built vehiecle


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