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Does The Force Gurkha Makes Sense Over The Mahindra Thar?

While the Mahindra Thar continues to be one of the most iconic off-roaders in India, the all-new Gurkha is about to enter the market, and the Thar’s reign is totally threatened. And this isn’t an exaggeration, as the all-new Force Gurkha too has had its own off-roading legacy, and is another people’s favourite. With its power-packed engine, and looks that are purely rugged, if you ask us, the Gurkha actually has an edge over the Thar. So here are 7 reasons why we think the Gurkha makes sense over the Thar.

  1. Ruggedly Handsome Looks

    2021 Force Gurkha
    2021 Force Gurkha

    While the Thar tries hard to hold a place as an everyday SUV as well, the Gurkha is known for its rugged stance that speaks volumes about its off-roading capabilities. The entire theme of the vehicle is built to look aggressive, sporty and absolutely muscular. The Gurkha now gains several modern features such as LED headlamps and DRLs, a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, tyre pressure monitoring system etc.

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  2. Bigger and more powerful engine

    Gurkha’s power packed engine

    First things first, the powertrain is surely the Gurkha’s stronghold. When it comes to diesel power, the Gurkha’s engine is no match, as the off-roader comes with:

    A massive 2.6 litre Mercedes derived common rail, direct injection, turbo diesel engine that makes 91 BHP, mated to a five-speed Mercedes G-28 transmission. It gets 4WD as standard with both front as well as rear locking differential.

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  3. Smarter 4×4 Capabilities

    2021 Force Gurkha Leaked Images
    2021 Force Gurkha Leaked Images

    With full details of the upcoming Gurkha still not fully released, based on what we know about the previous generation, when it comes to 4×4 capabilities, the Gurkha takes the crown. This is because the 4×4 system onboard the Gurkha comes with mechanical differential lock for both axles. This means that the Gurkha can easily get out of tough situations, and has a better off-road capability overall.

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  4. Larger Fuel Tank

    Force Gurkha Revealed Ahead of Official Launch
    Force Gurkha Revealed Ahead of Official Launch

    Fuel Tank capacity is one of least concerning factors for most when it comes to buying a vehicle in India. But for those who do not shy away from exploring roads untaken, fuel tank capacity is a crucial aspect, And with that said, a thing to note is that the Force Gurkha comes with an exceptional fuel tank capacity of 63 liters; about 6 liters more than the 57 litre capacity of Thar. Thus, by choosing the Gurkha over the Thar, you can definitely cruise more without worrying about a re-fuel.

  5. Better Seating Layout

    The Force Gurkha Side Profile // Credits: Autocar

    Another aspect that makes the Gurkha a superb vehicle is its spacious layout. No matter which variant you pick, the Gurkha offers a better and more spacious layout when compared to the Thar. The new gen Gurkha will now be offered in a 3-door avatar with captain seat layout for maximum comfort.

  6. Supreme Ride Quality and Comfort

    Gurkha in its 4×4 Glory

    When we look at the previous generation of the Gurkha, the SUV is the only vehicle in its class that comes with Coil Spring Suspension for all 4 wheels. This directly translates to a better ride quality capable of taking on difficult roads and even deeper pot holes. The coil spring suspension greatly reduces even vibration and jerks, providing an overall comfortable ride and handling.

  7. A better approach and departure angle

    2021 Gurkha Interior
    2021 Gurkha Interior

    Even though official details have not been revealed, based on what we know about the previous generation, the Force Gurkha gets an approach angle of 44 degrees and a departure angle of 40 degrees; a figure quite higher than what’s offered on the Thar which stands at 42 and 36.8 degrees respectively. This means that not only can the Gurkha climb higher, but can also descend more than the Thar while off-roading.

    So these were 7 things that make the Gurkha a better choice than the Thar, stay pinned to the GoMechanic blog for everything automotive.

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Sankul Nagpal
Sankul Nagpal
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    • Hey Sai! Greetings from the GoMechanic Blog.

      While looks are quite subjective, the Gurkha does shine with its supreme offroad capabilities. If you are into buying a rugged SUV that can take on all kinds of roads like a boss, the Gurkha’s capabilities do seem a little better off than the Thar. Coming to interiors, the Gurkha might be a little dull for the liking, but again, with several modern inclusions given to the 2021 variant, we think the Gurkha deserves a chance!

    • Correctly pointed out Yash, 4×4 cruises often have an impact on mileage. However, for off-roading enthusiasts and hardcore overlanders, mileage isn’t a major issue. And as far as the Force Gurkha is concerned, it is pitched more as an offroading vehicle capable to take on tough terrains than just being a lifestyle SUV.

    • Greetings from the GoMechanic Blog Raj!

      Well, the Force Gurkha is slated for a “price reveal” on September 27th and we are as excited as you are. Stay pinned to the GoMechanic Blog where will bring all the latest updates about the Gurkha’s price.


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