The subcompact SUV trend in India is growing day by day and now that we are in 2021, you would see subcompact and compact SUVs more than any other vehicle on the road. Well, among the top-selling subcompact SUVs in India, we have the Hyundai Venue and the Kia Sonet but Indians are forgetting about the one who kickstarted the thing which is trending right now. Well, we are talking about the Ford EcoSport. In today’s featured, we are going to tell why Ford Ecosport can be a very good choice for you among all the competitors!

  1. It Was the Trendsetter!

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    Ford EcoSport

    If you are one of those who likes to take the lead, this can be your call. All of us know about the first man who landed on the moon, the first man who flew a plane. Literally, everything that was first is remembered forever. Similarly, if someone will ever talk about subcompact SUVs in India, EcoSport will be the one that will be recalled. Always! If you want to join the tribe and want to be a proud owner of the trendsetter, this is just the right time!

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  2. Ford EcoSport is a Driver’s Car!

    Ford Ecosport | First Sub-Compact SUV in India
    Ford Ecosport | First Sub-Compact SUV in India | Credits: AutoPortal

    We are saying it is a drivers’ car because it has so much to offer you that you will never be bored or be disappointed by what this subcompact SUV delivers. If you are the one who loves power and takes it as a bonus if a subcompact SUV provides you with that power, be sure of fact that EcoSport is definitely your thing! It offers great driveability, power, performance and of course, a very good road presence comes along!

  3. Has Modern-Day Features

    Ford EcoSport | Interior
    Ford EcoSport | Interior

    Floating infotainment, comfortable cabin, sunroof and what not! Ford EcoSport is equipped with all the features that you get from other competitors. Believe us, the EcoSport may carry the same design element on the outside but Ford has definitely upgraded and updated it when we talk about what it looks like on the inside. The cabin won’t let you feel that you are in a cabin of such a car which carries the same look outside from the past few years. Sounds like Volkswagen, doesn’t it?

  4. Plush Ride Quality

    Ford EcoSport Diesel
    Ford EcoSport Diesel

    If you are an EcoSport owner, you might know and support this. The Ford EcoSport offers an excellent ride quality, and along with that, the plush nature comes as icing on the cake. This subcompact SUV never fails to deliver luxury. The plush interior which is accompanied by an extremely comfortable ride quality makes it a must-buy even in today’s competitive market.

  5. Trustworthy & Reliable

    Ford Ecosport
    Ford Ecosport

    Last but not least, the Ford EcoSport is a really trustworthy product and at the same time, is a very reliable car. If you maintain it well and get it serviced in time, you will never have to be on the road, stranded. With a huge service history database and customer testimonials, GoMechanic can assure you that this car is going places if you drive it properly. This one will be with you for long for sure.

These were the 5 reasons why we think Ford EcoSport deserves a chance in 2021. Although Ford is experiencing dipping sales, we wish it would gain its share back. For those of you who have been told that Ford will exit India and there will be a huge shortage of spares, it is not so.

With GoMechanic, you can be sure of spare part availability and a good quality car service even if the brand has discontinued its operations. Well, if you have any other reason for not buying EcoSport right now, do let us know in the comments section below.

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