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5 Fun To Drive Used German Cars You Can Buy For A Bargain!

As we move forward to a world full of hybrids and EVs, there are some of us that will surely miss the turbocharged ICE punch. Well, we can always go for the supercars that still give us the satisfaction of a turbo kicking in, but they come at a price, don’t they? So today, we have for you 5 fun and fast used German cars that will give you the kick in your pants you want! Here are the most fun to drive used German cars you can buy for cheap!

  1. BMW 3 Series

    A ~2012 BMW 3 Series will cost you somewhere between Rs. 8 – 15 Lakhs, varying with condition and mileage. The turbo petrol on this one was a 2L unit that made 245HP and 350nm. Those are some serious numbers considering the size of this sedan. Not to mention, BMWs are considered the most fun to drive used German cars and everyone knows this. The 3 series was especially renowned for its brilliant driving and handling dynamics!

    Premium used sedans under 5 lakhs
    BMW 3 Series, credits – TeamBHP
  2. Skoda Laura

    The Skoda Laura is second on this list of fun to drive used cars, and first if you’re looking for a diesel. The 2L diesel on this one made ~140HP and 320nm! It was mated to a 7-speed DSG that works like butter. The diesel torque that you can experience on this luxurious sedan is one of the best out there! Today, a used Laura will cost you somewhere between Rs. 4 – 6 Lakhs.

    Skoda Laura
    Skoda Laura
  3. Skoda Octavia VRS

    The Octavia VRS is known for being the rebel of the family. Its 2L turbo petrol engine made 245HP and 350nm torque, and the DSG was just a cherry on the cake! It is surely one of the most fun to drive used German cars out there, but it can get a bit expensive. A used Octavia VRS can cost you up to Rs. 30 Lakhs. However, if you dig deeper into the market, you can get a model from older years for around Rs. 10 Lakhs!

    Mandeep Singh's Skoda Octavia VRS
    Skoda Octavia VRS
  4. Volkswagen Vento

    You can get a used Vento for a very affordable price, under Rs. 4 Lakhs if you’re lucky. Aim for the 1.5L turbo petrol with the DSG, and your life will be blissful. It is the most fun you can have in a sedan under Rs. 5 lakhs and is one of the most affordable fun to drive used German cars!

    VW Vento TSI
    VW Vento TSI
  5. Volkswagen Polo

    A Polo with the same engine as that of the Vento is even better. It will be way cheaper as compared to the sedan, and it will be way lighter. With good luck, you can score a Polo GT TSI under Rs. 4 lakhs and give it the beans! It is the cheapest, most fun to drive used German car you can get!

    Volkswagen Polo GT
    Volkswagen Polo GT

Which one of these cars are you going to get, and how will you modify them? Let us know in the comments!

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