All of us know that social distancing is the only way to break the chain of the deadly virus spread across the world at this time. Geely has come up with the idea of drone-based key deliveries in China. As they say, necessity is the mother of inventions. Though drones are not a new invention Geely has shown how contactless purchasing can be done at a level which no one has been able to match until now!

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The Chinese automaker, Geely launched an online platform on February 20 where it introduced the customers to a complete solution of ordering online, including the modification of vehicle specifications, online financing and insurance. Geely also enabled users to opt for contactless delivery. This was the need of the hour in China and Geely succeeded in providing contactless home delivery to the customers.

Geely starts contacltess delivery
Geely starts contacltess delivery

Geely’s new offering is the contactless delivery where the customer doesn’t need to visit the dealerships. The new system will use drone technology in select areas to deliver the car keys to the new customer. Here the customer will get the car keys through drone and the car will be delivered directly to their doorstep. This will help fulfil the motive of social distancing and will create the much-required gap between the staff and the customer. The contactless delivery by Geely is a nice initiative as this is a truly contactless process.

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Geely has already started with the contactless delivery system and over 10,000 users have booked and paid for their new vehicles. Further, more than 10,000 enquiries have also been made which the central system has passed on to the local dealers who are looking after the leads. Once confirmed, these orders will also be delivered using the same process only!

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Geely dealership in China
Geely dealership in China

Keeping aside the contactless delivery, we have seen that Geely has invested over 370 million RMB fund to develop cleaner and healthier vehicles. Also, all the Geely dealerships have been thoroughly disinfected sp that the buyers enjoy a hassle-free buying experience!


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