Finally, after 2 long years, the worlds largest automotive show may come back at the starting of 2022. It was March 2019 when the last motor show was held, and now the wait is finally over. According to the official website, the Geneva Internation Motor Show will be held from 19 February 2022 to 27th February 2022.

Geneva Motor Show
Geneva Motor Show

Why a two-year wait?

Geneva Motor Show Cancelled
Geneva Motor Show Cancelled

The first and foremost reason for this motor show getting cancelled is the obvious global pandemic.

  • In 2020, the 90th Geneva Auto show was planned to commence from 5 March to 15 March.
  • Later, we did anticipate the return of the auto show in 2021. But due to the lack of participants, the 2021 edition of the motor show was also cancelled.
  • Now, the organisation is accepting the registration for the show.

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Geneva Motor Show, some history lessons

Geneva Motor Show.
Geneva Motor Show.

The Internation Motor Show is the world’s biggest motor show that is usually held in March every year.

  • The venue of the show is in a Swiss city, Geneva and is in the Palexpo.
  • Also, the first geneva motor show was held in the year 1905 and it has been a consistent deal since.
  • The motor show always has something new to showcase, all thanks to the innovative participants.
  • If you haven’t guessed it already, these are the various car makers from across the globe.
  • We also feel proud to announce, that the two Indian automotive giants, Mahindra and Tata both represent India in this show.

So, let us know in the comment section, which automaker is your favourite and why?

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