With the Indian automotive market filled with a plethora of car makers, a wave of freshness is what the consumers crave. From veterans such as Maruti to newbies like MG and Kia, the dynamic market scenario in India is quite inclusive, provided that the brand knows what it is doing. After all, the more the choice, the better it is for the consumers. And talking about a wave of freshness, there are certain names that we wish would enter India anytime soon. So here are 5 global car brands that we desperately want in India.

  1. Daihatsu

    The Diahastsu DN Trec

    While the compact SUVs and sizable SUV segments are currently where all the fierce competition is, the entry-level hatchback and premium hatch segments are where the scope of freshness is truly wanted. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Toyota, Daihatsu is a Japanese automaker that is known to offer a capable and well-built range of small and budgeted friendly cars. Whenever the Toyota owned group will enter India, it will surely be one of the most successful car brands considering the Indian consumer sentiments and market needs.

  2. Acura

    The Acura TLX

    Another Japanese automaker, Acura is the luxury iteration of Honda; a brand that is one of the key names of the Indian automotive industry. With the launch of Acura, the already huge consumer base of Honda will grow manifolds as Acura is known to offer premium sedans and SUVs that are worth the praises. With models such as the RDX and ILX, Acura is sure to give a tough time to premium sedans and SUVs in India, whenever it hits the markets.

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  3. Genesis

    Global NCAP Genesis
    The Genesis G70

    Initially born as a luxury sports sedan concept, the Genesis went on to become an independent brand under Hyundai; which is India’s second-largest manufacturer. As an independent luxury arm of Hyundai, Genesis launched its first model, the G90. Everything after the launch became history with the G90, leading the segment for years. With Genesis entering India, we too will be able to experience the luxury and comfort of the G90 along with other iconic models launched by Genesis over the years. Once launched, the Genisis could be one of the leading luxury car brands in India.

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  4. Buick

    The 2021 Buick Envision

    A division of the automaker giant General Motors, Buick has made its presence felt in North America, Asia, Mexico, Middle East etc. Offering luxury cars, sedans, SUVs and even convertibles, Buick has been a luxury brand for much of its existence. With offerings such as the Encore, Envision and Enclave, Buick can directly challenge the throne of brands like Jeep in India. With its tri-shield logo and power-packed engines, Buick cars will change the way luxury SUVs are built in India.

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  5. SEAT

    The 2021 SEAT Ateca // Source

    Last but surely not the least, is the Spanish automobile giant; SEAT. Known for offering an irresistible range of compact vehicles, MPVs, SUVs, Sedans and a lot more, SEAT has a diverse range of capable vehicles across its inventory. Much like many key names already ruling the Indian market, SEAT too possesses an advantage of diversity. Once in India, SEAT could lock horns with almost all major names and give them a run for their money with offerings such as the Ibzia, Ateca, Alhambra etc, with a hope of becoming one of India’s best car brands.

    So these were 5 global carmakers that we wish were there in India. Stay Pinned to the GoMechanic blog to catch up with your daily dose of everything automotive.

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