India’s largest exporter of cars, Hyundai has completed 22 years in the country. The South Korean carmaker has introduced a lineup of cars that have taken the market by storm. Started with the Hyundai Santro and the latest one to be introduced is the 2020 Hyundai Verna. Hyundai is a globally renowned brand with some really good cars in its arena. Let’s take a look at 10 such global Hyundai Cars that we would love to see in India.

  1. Azera

    Hyundai Azera
    Hyundai Azera | Global Hyundai Cars

    This class apart luxury sedan is globally sold by Hyundai. Do you think Elantra is a premium sedan? Well, Azera will blow your mind off with the luxury it has to offer. But first things first, let’s take a look at the engine specifications of this car.

    Azera | Engine Specs

    Engine 3.5-litre MPi 2.5-litre GDi
    Displacement (cc) 3,470 2,359
    Power 290ps @6,600rpm 198ps @6,100rpm
    Torque  338.32Nm @5,000rpm 248.10Nm @4,000rpm

    It has got two powerful engine options at the offer. It has got a unique design, none of it you would have seen on the Hyundai cars in India. At the front, you’ll see the integrated parametric jewelled grille with LED headlamps and transition LED DRLs which submerge into the grille’s design. Azera also follows the fluidic design philosophy of Hyundai. On the features front, it has got 4.2-inch Supervision infotainment cluster, 12.3-inch LCD touchscreen navigation, ventilated front seats, Heads up display, blind-spot collision-warning, dual automatic climate controls and so on. You can take a detailed look at the Azera here.

  2. Veloster N

    Hyundai Veloster N
    Hyundai Veloster N | Global Hyundai Cars

    N-line of Hyundai is known for styling and performance which sets them apart from the base cars. Veloster N is one of them. IT comes powered by a 2.0-litre TCi GDi engine. Take a look at its specs.

    Veloster N | Engine Specs

    Engine 2.0-litre TCi GDi
    Displacement (cc) 1,998
    Transmission Type 6-speed Manual / 8-speed N DCT
    Power  275ps @6,000rpm
    Torque 353.03Nm @1,450-4,700rpm
    Acceleration (0-100kmph) 6.1 seconds

    Veloster N comes with a standard and a Performance package. This hatchback is for those who want to experience the sheer thrill of performance. It also has an option of 8-speed N DCT transmission. Veloster N just boasts performance at every rev. With paddle shifters at your disposal, 20 seconds of a boost of performance cannot be matched by any car in India at present. Have a look at the Veloster N-Line in detail here.

  3. i30 Fastback N

    Hyundai i30 Fastback N
    Hyundai i30 Fastback N | Global Hyundai Cars

    Another car in the N-line of Hyundai, this sports Coupe is powered by a 2.0-litre Theta II TCi GDi engine.

    i30 Fastback N | Engine Specs

    Engine 2.0-litre Theta II TCi GDi
    Displacement (cc) 1,998
    Transmission Type 6-speed Manual
    Power  250ps @6,000rpm
    Torque 353.03Nm @1,450-4,000rpm
    Acceleration (0-100kmph) 6.4 seconds

    The sports coupe offers 5 different driving modes: Eco, Normal, Sports, N and N Custom. i30 Fastback N just defines the definition of ‘Performance meets beauty’. It also offers 2 packages: Standard package, in which the car produces 250ps of power and a Performance Package in which the maximum power output tops 275ps. It also offers connectivity features as well as standard active safety features. Take a closer look here.

  4. Nexo

    Hyundai Nexo
    Hyundai Nexo | Global Hyundai Cars

    It was showcased at the Auto Expo 2020. My personal favourite Hyundai! You must be thinking why? Because it has got the fuel of the future powering the hatchback. It is Hyundai’s vision of better tomorrow. Nexo is powered by Hydrogen, one of the cleanest fuels available on the planet. The only emission it has is H2O a.k.a ‘Water’. Let’s take a look at the specs first.

    Nexo | Specs

    Motor Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with 64kWh battery
    Power 163.15ps
    Torque 395Nm
    Max. Speed 179kmph

    Hyundai Nexo is one of its kind. It has got a range of 600kms on a single refill. The fuel cell takes a few minutes to refill. Range anxiety is no more. And the ones who fear Hydrogen being flammable, Hyundai has made sure that the Nexo is safe too. You can take a look in detail here.

  5. Palliside

    Hyundai Pallaside
    Hyundai Pallaside | Global Hyundai Cars

    People across the globe love Hyundai’s SUV. We know about Santa Fe and Tucson which have been well known in our country. If you really love the luxury, Pallaside is one SUV you would definitely want Hyundai to launch in India. It has 3 engine options.

    Hyundai Palliside | Engine Specs

    Engine 2.2 TCi Diesel 3.5 MPi Gasoline 3.8 GDi Gasoline
    Engine type InLine 4-cyl V Type 6-cyl V Type 6-Cyl
    Displacement 2,199 3,470 3,778
    Power 200ps @3,800rpm 277ps @6,300rpm 295ps @6,000rpm
    Torque 441.2Nm @1,750-2,750rpm 335.38Nm @5,000rpm 355Nm @5,200rpm

    Pallaside offers a real SUV experience with powerful engines in the arena (V6s!). The HTRAC All-Wheel Drive makes sure that you can cruise through any terrain, be it snow, mud or sand. Take a look at the Pallaside here.

  6. i40

    Hyundai i40 | Global Hyundai Cars
    Hyundai i40 | Global Hyundai Cars

    i10 and i20 have been two of the most successful brands of Hyundai in India. Although station wagons have not been a hit in India, i40 might change the scenario. Unlike conventional wagons, it has got a better design, comfort and performance.

    i40 | Engine Specs

    Engine  2.0-litre GDi Gasoline UII 1.7-litre Diesel
    Displacement 1,999 1,685
    Power 164ps @6,200rpm 141ps @4,000rpm
    Torque 202.99Nm @4,700rpm 340.2Nm @1,750-2,500rpm

    A turbo-petrol in a station wagon, it already ticks the performance part. On the features part, it gets Full auto air-conditioning system, drive mode selector, cruise control, front and rear seats warmer, front ventilated seats, supervision instrument cluster and so on. Take a look at this station wagon here.

  7. Sonata

    Hyundai Sonata
    Hyundai Sonata

    Hyundai launched Sonata in India earlier but the luxury sedan was not able to grab a lot of attention at that time. It was a good car at the wrong time. But if the current generation of Sonata is launched in India now, it will definitely grab the luxury sedan segment. It has got two petrol engines to offer.

    Hyundai Sonata | Engine Specs

    Engine 2.0-litre MPi 2.5-litre Mpi
    Displacement 1,999 2,497
    Power 152ps @6,200rpm 180ps @6,000rpm
    Torque 192.2Nm @4,000rpm 232.41Nm @4,000rpm

    Sonata according to Hyundai is a step closer to perfection. Hyundai Sonata also oozes out the fluidic design philosophy of the company. It comes loaded with a list of features that you will surely look for in a Hyundai Sedan. Have a look here.

  8. Kona (non-electric)

    Hyundai Kona | Global Hyundai Cars
    Hyundai Kona | Global Hyundai Cars

    Hyundai was the first company in India to introduce a fully electric SUV in the country. Kona Electric made it to the government fleet too. Globally, this SUV has got a more conventional avatar.

    Hyundai Kona | Engine Specs

    Engine 1.0-litre Kappa TCi GDi 1.6-litre Gamma TCi GDi
    Displacement 998cc 1,591cc
    Power 120ps @6,000rpm 177ps @5,500rpm
    Torque 171.61Nm @1,500-4,000rpm 264.77Nm @1,500-4,500rpm
    0-100kmph 12 7.9

    Unlike it’s EV contemporary, Kona has been equipped with two engine options. The 1.0-litre GDi engine is currently seen on cars like Hyundai Venue and Verna in India. Kona offers a good amount of features and would surely be a good choice for SUV lovers, IF, launched in India. Read more about the Kona here.

  9. H1

    Hyundai H1 | Global Hyundai Cars
    Hyundai H1 | Global Hyundai Cars

    Talking about Hyundai vehicles that should come to India, H1 cannot be left behind. The premium MPV from the company can surely be a head-turner. Currently, Hyundai offers no car in this segment.

    Hyundai H1 | Engine Specs

    Engine 2.4 MPi 2.5 TCi Diesel 2.5 CRDi Diesel
    Displacement 2,359 2,476 2,497
    Power 175ps @6,000rpm 100ps @3,800rpm 136ps @3,600rpm
    Torque 227.51Nm @4,200rpm 227Nm @2,000rpm 343Nm @1,500-2,500rpm

    H1 will rival the Kia Carnival directly if launched in India. It has got the space, the comfort and the performance one would demand in an MPV. Read here to know more.

  10. 2020 Hyundai i20

    2020 Hyundai i20
    2020 Hyundai i20

    Last but not the least, 2020 Hyundai i20. It is to launch soon. Hyundai’s premium hatchback has been favourite among the Indian buyers. What we can expect from it?

    2020 Hyundai i20 | Engine Specs

    Engine 1.5-litre Turbocharged Diesel 1.0-litre GDi 1.2-litre Gasoline
    Power 113hp 118hp 82hp
    Torque 250Nm 172Nm 114Nm

    We do expect the launch to happen soon. Hyundai i20 has already set a benchmark of premium in the segment. It should be worth the wait. Read here.

So, here is our list of cars from Hyundai that should come to India. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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