GoFuel: High Quality Diesel Now At Your Doorstep


Fuel prices are surging all-time high. Upon that, you need to go and wait while looking at the increased prices flashing. Well, a startup, and rather an innovative one, has come up with a solution. To provide diesel at your doorsteps! And that too, in the safest manner possible. So, let’s take a look at the venture by A. Vinodhraj that is all set to revolutionise the refuelling process: GoFuel.

Let’s list down the highlights:

  • GoFuel will be available in Chennai for now, starting from January 2021.
  • GoFuel has a dedicated app for users. All you have to do is download the app and book the fuel according to your requirement.
  • GoFuel plans to deploy over 1000 trucks pan India by 2022.
GoFuel Trucks
  • The unique part of their supply chain is the brightly coloured Smart Trucks that will be used to transport the fuel.
  • This model is currently restricted to the entities with immovable machines that require diesel to run such as a generator.

But, worry not, GoFuel is planning to enter the transport sector too, subject to the approval of the governing bodies.

USPs of GoFuel

The trucks that will be deployed in the transportation of diesel have been approved by PESO (Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organisation) and are 100% leak proof. This will also minimise the need of having a PESO approved storage unit for diesel at the establishments, making the tasks easier for the entities.

What’s more about the Diesel Delivery Startup?

GoFuel won’t be charging you anything extra for the delivery. The prices mentioned at the time of booking will be the same as that of the market. This means that you will be getting diesel at the same price at your desired place. This surely is a hassle-free experience!

GoFuel plans to extend services with Petrol as well as mobile EV charging infrastructure. My bet is on the EV one, as it will surely boost the EV revolution that is currently brewing in India.

What do you think about this idea of providing fuel at the location? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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