“Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments,” said Rose Kennedy

As here we are, here is GoMechanic in its 5th leg of creating moments. These 5 years were nothing but a dream. The idea that started GoMechanic, the idea that brought us together, that very idea is in its 5th year of realisation. All we had was a vision. A vision to provide the best car services that India deserves. And you know what? We made it! GoMechanic stands tall as India’s #1 aftermarket car servicing and maintenance company.

Big congratulations to the team for dreaming and delivering as we go, for being enthusiastic all along, every day, 24×7, 365 days, for pushing themselves towards horizons that we dreamt of. An Eccentric environment led to creativity. Creativity led to millions of happy customers. Happy customers are what we strive for. Couldn’t have reached this milestone with subtleness. All of us at GoMechanic created these 5 beautiful years, not a milestone, but moments. For those of you who have been our readers for the past 5 years, here are some highlights that we would like to share with you!

  • 30+ Indian Cities

    With the latest expansion being Ludhiana, we take pride in telling you that GoMechanic is India’s most loved car service brand and we are now operational in 30+ cities across India with over 700+ workshops onboard! With each new day, month and year, we are growing. The reason behind this growth? The love of customers like you!

  • GoMechanic Goes Global

    GoMechanic Malaysia
    GoMechanic Malaysia

    Now that we have already gathered much love in India, it was time to spread the love abroad! GoMechanic’s first international venture, GoMechanic Malaysia is now live. All the car owners in Malaysia can now be worry-free from any car-related troubles. With all the services we have been providing in India along with all the added benefits, we decided to go beyond our nation. Here we are, with 50+ workshops in a span of just 2 months!

  • 1 Million App Installs

    App Downloads
    GoMechanic App now has 1 Million+ Active Users

    Another milestone! No doubt we have expanded in over 25+ cities and Malaysia too, we are constantly working on improving our in-app experience too. We are making the app so user friendly in the recent past, so much so that we have crossed the 1 Million download mark! And we know our customers are loving the experience as well. As us how? Here’s our current PlayStore rating!

    GoMechanic Playstore rating
    GoMechanic Playstore rating
  • The COVID-19 Challenge

    COVID-19 came as a challenge to all of us. While all of us were home, there were people who couldn’t afford to stop. GoMechanic’s #OpenForHeroes initiative was aimed to serve all the emergency vehicles during lockdown across all the cities we are present in. We provided free Road Side Assistance to all the frontline heroes who were working hard day and night to keep us safe.

    For those who were home, we designed a special package by the name of COVID-19 revival package which had specific points that need to be covered before those cars which had been lying around in the garages could hit the roads back.

    All our workshops are being regularly sanitised and we are following all the WHO protocols. Daily checks are being done to ensure the workshops are safe and secure for both the staff and the customers. On the other hand, in our headquarters too, we are ensuring proper social distancing along with the compulsory use of masks and frequent sanitisation to ensure a healthy environment. This pandemic came as a challenge and GoMechanic geared up really fast to stand strong! We are also planning to arrange vaccinations for all our employees and mechanics in the near future.

  • GoMechanic Accessories & GoMechanic Spares

    GoMechanic Accessories
    GoMechanic Accessories

    Now that we have already sorted the car servicing part for you, we felt that the accessories were still bothering you. GoMechanic Accessories was launched to introduce the Indian customer to a new-age smart range of car accessories that would make your driving experience comfortable, convenient and obviously, smart!

    introducing gomechanic spares
    introducing gomechanic spares

    Spare parts play the most important role when it comes to car servicing. Also, there are people who like to maintain their machine on their own but when it comes to sourcing spare parts, or should we say good quality spare parts, it becomes a real challenge. GoMechanic Spares is your one-stop for each and every spare that you might need. From a small screw to a huge complex clutch assembly, we have all the spare parts, for your car.

    Apart from this, GoMechanic has also come up with our own consumables. Engine oils, transmission oils, coolants, brake oil, radiator flush, engine flush and more. You can explore a wide variety of car spares and consumables with GoMechanic Spares.

  • Introducing GoMechanic Miles

    introducing miles
    introducing miles

    We are constantly working on understanding customer needs and behaviour. With each new day comes a new requirement and we cater for each one of them. GoMechanic has over 40+ car services and we are continuously working towards improving the portfolio. The latest additions to the pallet are the emergency SOS services and the Miles membership which is an all-year-round package for your car and maintains it from every aspect possible.

This is a glimpse of our 5-year journey and we are aiming even higher for the future. Working towards the customer and employee welfare has been our prime motto. Always! If you have been a customer, share the word and if you haven’t tried our app yet, what are you waiting for? Download India’s #1 car servicing app GoMechanic!

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