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Introducing GoMechanic Extended Warranty | Tailored Extended Car Warranty

Hey fellow car lovers! We know pretty well how much you love to obsess over your car and bring them home, no less than a family member. You, in turn, know pretty well how we are ALWAYS here to take care of your valuable additions and provide the best car services. Keeping your car needs in mind we have launched a brand new Extended Car Warranty for your automobile! Intrigued?

Let us take you through everything that you need to know before investing in this care package for your precious car. Do watch the video to know more about the way by which you can save a significant sum of money.

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What is an Extended Car Warranty?

An Extended Car Warranty is basically an extra something you do to extend the life of your automobile. Just like you take health and life insurance for your loved ones, an extended car warranty will protect and enhance the life of your loved vehicle. Yes, you are provided with auto warranty services when you first buy the car, but what after those rosy days, months, or years are over? With time, machines need to be cared for more, just like us humans.

An Extended Car Warranty is that loving patch you apply on your vehicle when it is out of its prime and glory years. In other words, the manufacturer’s warranty.

GoMechanic Car Extended Warranty Live Now!
GoMechanic Car Extended Warranty Live Now!

What is GoMechanic Extended Warranty?

GoMechanic Extended Warranty offers more than what the manufacturers do. Here you can choose between fully insuring your car or just the parts you think are more prone to damage like Suspension, Engine, and Brakes! With GoMechanic Extended Warranty, you will get to invest in your vehicle at the lowest prices and redeem the best car services possible.

What’s more? With GoMechanic, You can buy the extended car warranty even for your used cars! Your manufacturer warranty expires right when you need it the most. With time, it is natural for your car to have an increased risk of damaged parts. This is where the GoMechanic Extended Warranty for used cars will be the saviour for your vehicle. With a number of packages to choose from, you can be sure to find the right fit for your car!

How is GoMechanic’s Extended Warranty Different?

To be honest, we are not the only car service centre providing an Extended Car Warranty for your automobile. However, this is also true that we are different and better in many aspects! Why? Well, because you are important to us and we share the same love for cars! No, we are not just saying this; we can prove it.

Save More With GoMechanic Extended Warranty
Save More With GoMechanic Extended Warranty

Benefits Of GoMechanic Extended Warranty

1. Long Term Coverage

With our Extended Car Warranty packages, you can just relax for an entire year and leave your vehicle worries to us! Whether it’s Wear and Tear or some mechanical breakdown, we will have your back.

2. Lowest Prices

We are here for your car at the minimum prices possible. Moreover, you just have to pay for GoMechanic Extended Car Warranty, and apart from that, there are ZERO Additional or Hidden Costs.

3. Warranty For Used Cars Too!

Yes, your car doesn’t have to be brand new for us to take care of it. We will be there when no one else is. The age of your car will be irrelevant when you invest in GoMechanic’s Extended Car Warranty Cover.

Is it worth getting an extended car warranty for used cars? YES! Let’s face it, and machines don’t age as gracefully as we want them to. With time, your car has an increased risk of a mechanical breakdown which may cost you a fortune. With an Extended Car Warranty, you can protect your car against these unexpected faults and unprecedented prices on car repairs.

4. One-Click Claim

Unlike other Warranty Claims with manufacturers or authorised dealers, GoMechanic’s Extended Warranty Claims are totally hassle-free! You don’t need to do the tedious paperwork anymore. Just follow the simple steps to Claim the Extended Warranty for your car in a single click from our app. Our expert Service Buddies will handle the rest! No More Waiting in the Long Queues, as GoMechanic made it easier than ever before for you.

Types of Extended Car Warranty Packages at GoMechanic

We agree that our diverse client base has different tastes and requirements for their cars! Therefore, we offer different Extended Warranties to suit your unique needs. Let us take you through them so that you can decide for yourself what works best for you and your car.

Care Free Warranties

As the name suggests, you can be completely carefree with this Warranty for your car. Anything that goes wrong with your car, we will have it covered! You can choose from the two types of warranties covered under the Carefree Warranty:

1. Authorised Warranty

Covering 26 Car Systems, this warranty package will cover your car just like any Authorised Service Centre or Manufacturer Extended Warranty. This is our way of telling you to leave your worries to us and just sit back and relax!

2. 360° Cover Warranty

As the name suggests, this is a comprehensive care package. We cover over 35 car systems and over 800 car services under this package. This is our way of telling you that we love your car just like you do! With this kind of Extended Warranty, you can avail all the exclusive benefits of GoMechanic, just like Free Pick up & Drop facility and many more. This is an advanced version of Extended Warranty that offers you a lot more than any other package.

Custom Warranties

Now let us come to the part where you require an Extended Car Warranty for specific parts of your vehicle. It will not only cost you less, but you can also focus your attention on the parts you think will need extra care!

1. Suspension Cover

One of the lifelines of your car, we will have your suspension repaired in no time!

2. Complete Engine Warranty

Be it the MAF Sensor or the Ignition System; you can leave it to us to take care of your engine system.

3. Brake Warranty

A faulty brake system can be hazardous, and it is good if you are thinking of getting it insured!

Is Getting Extended Car Warranty Worth It?

You must be wondering if buying an extended car warranty would be beneficial. The answer is – Definitely! An extended warranty can save you from many costly car repairs and unexpected expenses. If you are hoping to keep your vehicle with you for a longer period of time, it is better to car warranty to help extend the life of your favourite vehicle.

What’s more? Our low-cost extended car warranty won’t have you thinking twice before investing in this care package! After all, this cost is close to nothing compared to how much you love your car, right? 😉

Download the app now and get yearlong peace of mind with GoMechanic.

Hope you found this article helpful. If you need any further help in making the right choices for your car, ask away in the comment section below!

Team GoMechanic
Team GoMechanic
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