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GoMechanic Miles | Car Service, Savings, Rewards & More

Cars lining up at home, but their maintenance burning a hole in your pocket? We know you love your cars no less than your family and try your best to keep them at their highest performing capacity. However, sometimes these car repairs can get way too costly and ride out of your budget. Sounds familiar? At GoMechanic, we have strived night and day to address this problem and have come forward with an answer – GoMechanic Miles – the most affordable car servicing option!

Interesting? Let us show you how we can go the extra mile together with GoMechanic Miles – you with the car maintenance and we with the car services.

What is GoMechanic Miles?

GoMechanic has launched a Miles Membership Program for you that can basically help you become a part of the GoMechanic family and save loads of money while also availing the best car services under the care of our expert car mechanics. This is an annual membership that you can leverage to ascertain amazing car repairs all around the year and, more importantly – all within your budget! With GoMechanic Miles membership that is tailor-made for your car, all the needs of your vehicle are kept in mind so as to provide you with the best possible car service.

In short, GoMechanic Miles is offering affordable car servicing with extra savings on the best quality car services GoMechanic has always been known for!

Exclusive Benefits of GoMechanic Miles

Since we are a huge family now, GoMechanic puts the best brains together to bring in features that aim to offer 100% satisfaction for you! Let us go through the features that make GoMechanic Miles the best and the most affordable option for all your car problems:

1. More Car Repairs, More Savings

We have already mentioned this one, but it is just worth it to bring it up again! We are proud to mention that our car services are priced at 40% lesser costs than the other car service centres. On top of that, with GoMechanic Miles Membership, you can save 50% extra on each one of our 300+ car services. Minimum discounts are still 10%, so either way, you are signing yourself up for huge savings!

2. Minimum 12 Months Validity

Once you are a member of GoMechanic Miles, you can just relax for a year regarding the budget issues and leave all your car maintenance worries to us. With hatchbacks and sedans, we offer a minimum of 12 months validity, whereas with SUVs and premium luxury cars this validity extends to 15 months!

Anything that goes wrong with your favourite vehicle, GoMechanic’s expert car mechanics will always have your back and cure your car in a jiffy.

3. Unlimited Car Services

Your car is a machine, and regular usage might mean regular maintenance to keep it in shape. Today you might have worn out tyres, tomorrow a broken windshield or maybe a breakdown in the middle of the road? Don’t worry! GoMechanic Miles will let you avail of unlimited car services for those unlimited issues.

4. Tailor-Made for Each Car

Because we understand every car is unique and has a different set of needs! With GoMechanic Miles, we formulate a special plan that suits your car’s unique needs.

This brings us to the question of whether you can avail a single membership for all the cars you own? Well, since the plan is custom-made for each of the cars, you will need to take separate membership for each of your vehicles.

5. Two FREE SOS Car Services

Just a little extra something because you are just that special to us. If your car breaks down and needs emergency roadside assistance, you can ring us up at absolutely ZERO extra costs. Isn’t that great?

6. Car Repairs @AnywhereAnytime

We have GoMechanic car service centres spread across the country, and all our car workshops offer car services under the GoMechanic Miles membership! Just book the required car service under the GoMechanic Miles Membership, and our expert car mechanics will arrive to pick up your car! In other words, we are accessible for all your most affordable car servicing needs at any place and at any time.

7. FREE Pickup & Drop Services

With GoMechanic Miles membership, you save money but also your time. After you book a car service with us, our expert car mechanics will be there at your doorstep to pick up your car for free! After the required car maintenance, we will deliver it back safe and ready to hit the road.

8. 100% Genuine Parts

These savings won’t compromise the quality of either our car repairs or the car parts we use. Only OEM/OES spare parts are used that are high in quality and 100% genuine. This is our promise to you.

Now that you are aware of these amazing GoMechanic Miles Membership Benefits, are you ready to be a member yet?

How Can You Become A GoMechanic Miles Member?

Joining the GoMechanic Miles annual membership programme and becoming a part of the intimate GoMechanic family is SUPER easy. Just download the GoMechanic app from the play store and proceed with selecting the brand, model, and fuel type of your car. Next, navigate to the Miles Membership tab, which, on clicking, will lead you to the Miles AMC page. Scroll through the page and check out the GoMechanic Miles’s amazing features. When you reach the bottom, click on ‘Join Now’, make the payment, and boom! You are now a GoMechanic Miles Member. That’s easy.

Relax and reap the benefits of this coolest car maintenance coupled with a savings programme.


What If You Are Not Satisfied With The Car Service?

While we make sure to remove this possibility altogether and leave no room for complaints, if at all you are unsatisfied, don’t worry! We offer a one-month or 1000-kilometres Network Warranty on car services that are redeemable across all our car workshops. Be assured of receiving quality and excellence in all GoMechanic car services.

As we said – GoMechanic aims for 100% customer satisfaction!

Hope this article answers all your questions regarding GoMechanic Miles. If you have any further queries, ping them in the comments section below, and we will be happy to address them. Welcome to GoMechanic Miles!

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