GoMechanic Standard Service POV [Point Of View]

POV Car Service

POV stands for ‘Point Of View’ and refers to a trend in which the video shows the viewer’s point of view of a particular situation. Every first-person shooter is played from the perspective of the game character, and many of you might also be familiar with the spectacular recordings from action cams like the GoPro. Ever wondered what servicing a car seems like?

We bring you the POV action for the GoMechanic standard service. Watch how a car is being loved in a GoMechanic workshop by our expert technician. From inspection to filter replacements and various top-ups, learn the process of giving the love your car deserves.

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We start with inspecting the whole car; first of all, the condition of the engine oil will be checked. After that, we take the car on the lift and do a full underbody inspection to check for any leakage or damage. Tires are also unscrewed to check the condition of the brake pads (front & rear), and we came to know that no replacement is required.

After all the necessary checks, we start draining the old oil and replacing the clogged oil filter. Then, the vehicle is brought down on the lift, and new engine oil is added. This model requires 5W-40 fully-synthetic oil, but you can also go with the 0W-40 fully synthetic. After that, we will be topping up all the necessary fluids like coolant, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid etc.

The air filter was in dire need of replacement, and like always, a 100% genuine Hyundai OEM spare part was used in the process. The battery voltage was excellent, and we sprayed a gentle amount of rust protection solution on the terminal for longevity. The HVAC filter was in a workable state, and a stream of pressurized air was enough to make it work again for an extended period. In the end, a thorough wash and interior vacuuming were enough to make the car look and feel like new. That was all you get from the GoMechanic Standard Car Service; book yours now!