Hero MotoCorp, formerly known as Hero Honda is ruling the world with its sales numbers year by year. That said, it isn’t easy to maintain the position for that long. Surely that requires the right people working for the right firm. This can be said for the segment leader Indian motorcycle brand, Hero MotoCorp. And surely there are many questions in heads of multiple people regarding the brand. So, here are 10 such most googled question on Hero MotoCorp.

  1. Why did Hero Honda get separated?

    Hero MotoCorp Logo by
    Hero MotoCorp Logo

    There are a few reasons behind the Hero and Honda joint venture dissolving.

    • To start with, the agreement was strictly restricted to sell the motorcycle in the domestic market. But because of the ever-growing demand for the Hero motorcycles, they wanted to expand further, but in international markets.
    • Also, both the companies decided in unity in 1999 when Honda came to the Indian shores in 100% ownership that Honda will not interfere in the segment in which Hero Honda has been operating. But later in 2010 Honda launched a 110cc motorcycle. This motorcycle in the segment clashed with Hero’s motorcycles that made up over 70% in sales. This is when Hero decided to end the venture on a good note. So, Honda sold 26% of its stake to the Munjal family. Also, Honda provided the technical support to Hero till 2014 and Hero paid royalties for its services.
  2. Who is the CEO of Hero?

    Pawan Munjal Hero MotorCorp CEO
    Pawan Munjal Hero Moto Corp CEO | Image Source (1)

    The Hero business is among the big family businesses. Currently, the CEO of the Hero MotoCorp is Pawan Kant Munjal. He is the third son of the Lt. Brijmohan Lall Munjal who was the one to find a hero in all of us via Hero Honda brand. Also, Pawan Munjal currently is the Chairman, Managing Director and CEO of Hero MotoCorp.

  3. Are Hero Motorcycles Sold in the USA?

    Hero Xtreme 200s
    Hero Xtreme 200s

    Yes, Hero was available in some of the markets in the USA. But recently, after failing to launch any motorcycle in the market closed its fully owned HMCL (NA) Inc. subsidiary in the USA. This was decided last year in a board meeting on 23rd October 2019 which was approved by the board.

  4. Which is the Best Bike of Hero?


    There are several motorcycles in the Hero range that are good in their respective segment. So, talking about the fuel economy, Hero iSmart takes the top spot. And Talking about performance, there are two motorcycles the recently launched Hero Xtreme 160R and the Xtreme 200 motorcycles. In addition, Hero also gave us the most affordable off-roader, the Xpulse 200.

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  5. Does Hero use Honda engines?

    Hero Xtreme 160R
    Hero Xtreme 160R

    A yes and a No. Talking about the 100cc engine, yes, it is a Honda engine whose rights were sold to Hero by Honda. But now, most of the engine is the Hero’s line-up are developed in house. Motors likes the 200cc, 125cc vertical, new 160cc and more all the domestic engines.

  6. Is Hero Electric a Subsidiary of Hero MotoCorp?

    Hero Electric is owned by Naveen Munjal who is a relative of the current CEO Pawan Munjal. But the electric company has no association with the motorcycle giant Hero MotoCorp.

  7. How Many Countries use Hero Motorcycles?

    Initially, Hero was restricted to only the domestic markets. But after the Hero and Honda venture ended, the Indian motorcycle maker thought of expanding. As of now, Hero is present in 40 countries across Asia, Africa, South and Central America. Additionally, Hero also enjoys the workforce from many countries like Bangladesh, Colombia, Austria, Germany, Japan and France. 

  8. Are Hero Motorcycles Really Fuel Efficient?

    Hero HF Deluxe
    Hero HF Deluxe

    In one word YES! Hero motorcycle is known for having one of the best fuel economies when compared to its competition. Hero iSmart is one of the world’s most fuel-efficient motorcycle having an ARAI claimed mileage of about 95kmpl.

  9. What’s the Average Running Cost of a Hero bike?

    The New Evolved Hero Splendor iSmart

    Commuter motorcycles are known to have a really low maintenance cost, bikes from Hero are one of them. So, as per our estimate, the average running cost or maintenance cost of a Hero Splendor is about Rs 2,000/- for two years. (Excluding the fuel)

  10. What’s the Hero MotoCorp and Harley Davidson Tie-up Demand?

    Harley-Davidson Low Rider S
    Harley-Davidson Low Rider S

    For 2020, the hot news from Hero is the tie-up between one of the worlds most renowned motorcycle brands, Harley Davidson. With the American bike maker wrapping its bag in India Hero saw an opportunity and grabbed it. In this tie-up will allow Hero to manage sales and after-sales service for Harley. Also, Harley Davidson will share some of its engines with Hero for R&D purposes. Lastly, Hero will also produce premium motorcycles with Harley Davidson’s name.

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