Top 10 Most Googled Questions on Skoda Octavia!

Skoda Octavia most googled ques. about 2021 ft

The 2021 Skoda Octavia has already arrived at the dealerships and the enthusiasts are more than excited! While all of us are waiting eagerly for the all-new Octavia to arrive at a Skoda dealership near us. While the brand gets the deliveries done, let’s clear some of your doubts about the best enthusiast sedan in town! Here are the top 10 most Googled questions about Skoda Octavia!

  1. What would be the on-road price of Skoda Octavia?

    The Octavia Sports Line // Source: Team BHP

    The current on-road price of the Skoda Octavia is around 23 Lakhs and you can expect the 2021 version of the same sedan to have a similar price. However, we can definitely say that prices don’t matter much when we are talking about Skodas! Do they?

  2. Is Skoda Octavia a good car?

    Skoda Octavia | Upcoming Sedans 2021 | Credits ICN

    Yes, definitely yes! The Skoda Octavia is a very good car. However, the second-gen Octavia which was named the Laura in India couldn’t do good in India in the initial days. Skoda definitely paid attention to the customers and rectified the faults. They came in with a much better version of the Skoda Octavia and now that it’s 2021, we are about to receive a major update with the sedan!

  3. Why is Skoda Expensive?

    Skoda Octavia L&K

    Just have a look at this beauty! Well, it completely justifies the price it comes at. The German technology and the absolute reliability that comes along with Skoda makes it an absolute value for money product. The Skoda Octavia in any form is not overpriced in any form. You use need to have your hands on it to experience the tech once!

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  4. What’s the best Skoda to buy?

    Skoda Rapid TSI

    Completely depends upon your choice. You can go for the Rapid, you can go for the Octavia and now that we are in 2021, you can go for a made-for-India Skoda. The Skoda Kushaq! Every car down the Skoda lineup is equally great and justifies the price it comes at. On top of that, if you are a Skoda fanboy, the price won’t even matter for you. Believe me!

  5. Does the Skoda Octavia 2021 come with a sunroof?

    2021 Octavia | Credits: Autocar

    We don’t see any sunroof in the exclusive image above. However, it will be too early to judge the variants. Considering the trend, we can definitely expect a sunroof. As we said, there is no official information about this yet.

  6. Is Skoda Octavia a luxury car?

    Skoda Octavia Spied Testing | Autocar

    It is definitely a luxury car! Well, for the price it comes at, you can get a legit luxury brand but that will be a used car. However, if you are buying a Skoda, you can still enjoy the luxury with performance. Skoda Octavia offers you the performance which you will definitely enjoy and won’t regret spending a single rupee on!

  7. Why is Skoda cheaper than Volkswagen?

    Skoda Auto Volkswagen India exports its 500,000th ‘Made in India’ car

    Volkswagen always strives to develop the best cars possible and you would easily spot a Volkswagen to be more premium than Skoda. Although both of these are closely related to each other in terms of production, VW has an edge over Skoda in terms of comfort and convenience if you compare a particular VW and Skoda in a particular segment, you would find the VW to be more expensive. However, the new Octavia will definitely turn the eyeballs as far as we expect.

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  8. Is Skoda Octavia worth buying?

    Audi A6| BS6 Compliant (petrol only)

    The car that you see above in the picture shares the 1.8-litre engine with the DSG gearbox which delivers sheer driving pleasure! Well, talking of features and pricing, Skoda Octavia is a must-buy for all those who are looking for a good performance car that is a complete value for money.

  9. Is Skoda better than BMW?

    BMW 3 series

    We have been constantly saying that the Skoda Octavia is a very good car but comparing it with a luxury performance brand would be an unfair thing because BMW comes at a much higher price point and delivers accordingly. Talking about the Octavia, we would again address that it delivers what it says and is way better than most sedans present in the market.

  10. What company owns Skoda?

    Skoda and Volkswagen merger

    Skoda is owned by Volkswagen. Yes, most of you might already know this fact but for those who don’t know this till now, Skoda is owned by Volkswagen! If you are a regular follower of the two brands you can easily make out that both of them even shared the interior unit for some cars.