Here’s Why You Need A Vehicle Tracking Device

Here's Why You Need A Vehicle Tracking Device

Cars are expensive machines, and that is the reason why you would never want to lose one. Moreover, with a constant rise in theft rate vehicle security has become one of the biggest ownership concerns. This is one of the many reasons why vehicle tracking systems make sense. And if you too are wondering whether or not to install a vehicle tracking system on board your car, here are 5 reasons you are thinking correctly.

  1. Prevention of Theft

    Car Theft

    First things first, having a vehicle tracking system on board can give you an added layer of security onboard. While modern-day thieves are as advanced as the new-age security features onboard, having a veihcle tracking system onboard can provide you with the real-time location of your vehicle even in case of theft, as modern-day GPS trackers are hard to locate, and by the time the thief realizes there’s one, action can be taken.

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  2. Get Help in an Emergency

    Emergency Assistance

    While driving is meant to be a pleasurable experience, there are times when you can be caught up in an emergency. In situations like an accident, battery drain, vehicle breakdown, etc. modern-day trackers such as the GoConnect OBD 2.0 can come handy with its SOS services such as emergency calling, SOS alerts, etc.

  3. Vehicle Management/Supervision

    GoConnect OBD Geo-Fencing

    If your car is driven by several individuals in the family including kids, or you happen to have a vehicle that is driven around by your chauffeur, vehicle management features of modern-day vehicle tracking systems can come in handy. With products like the GoConnect OBD 2.0, you can put to use features such as Geo-Fencing and time alert so that you know when your vehicle goes beyond your defined geological fence, or when it is driven beyond specified hours.

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  4. Improved Driving Behavior and Vehicle Health

    Low Engine Oil: A marker of vehicle health.

    While you might feel that you are a Pro Driver, sometimes the reality can be otherwise. But fret not because, with modern-day trackers, you can not only have comprehensive data of your trips but can also analyze fuel efficiency, driving patterns, and driving behavior to substantially improve your driving habits and get the most out of your car. In fact, some tracking devices such as the GoConnect OBD 2.0 can also compile driving behavior data to generate a driver rating system! Moreover, with a modern-day GPS tracker, one can also have a deeper look into vehicle health status with reports showcasing the overall health of systems such as emission, ignition, transmission, etc.

Better Driver Safety

Overspeed Alerts

Safety isn’t just about protection from theft; safety also means that the driver as well as passengers as safe every time your vehicle is taken out for a drive. While features like airbags, ABS with EBD, etc. come in handy, having a tracker on board can give you an added layer of driver safety by compiling data such as vehicle speed, overspeeding, sudden braking, and even fatigue.

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So these were 5 compelling reasons why you should have a vehicle tracking device on board. If you have made up your mind, then visit and check out the GoMechanic GoConnect OBD 2.0