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Highest Waiting Period Cars In May 2022

The Indian automobile market has grown in the past few years while simultaneously battling issues like the pandemic lockdowns and the semiconductor chip shortage leading to long waiting periods. SUVs have seen steady growth, and now Volkswagen & Skoda have launched their sedans to get some attention back to the sedan segment. While the industry is still growing and coping, let’s look at the cars with the highest waiting period in May 2022:

  1. Mahindra XUV700: Upto 1.5 years for specific variants

    Mahindra XUV700 exterior rear view 2
    Mahindra XUV700 rear view

    It has been a little while since the launch of this ultimate SUV, but the waiting period is still the same due to the hype. Like the other companies, Mahindra is having trouble meeting the high demand and taking extensive time to deliver products like the XUV700.

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    The waiting period has already gone upto 1.5 years for specific variants and could be around 9-12 months for the other trims. Mahindra might also be adding a smart trim which would be slightly more affordable. The semiconductor chip shortage is another factor adding up to the waiting period.

  2. Mahindra Thar: Upto 9 months waiting period

    The Mahindra Thar is undoubtedly the most loved SUV by everyone, and it received a massive amount of bookings during the launch. With the majority being for the automatic variants and done by the youth to explore further with the new generation of this legend.

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    Thar has a waiting period of upto 9 months, which Mahindra is constantly trying to reduce and make as many deliveries as possible. As Mahindra is also testing the next generation of Scorpio, which might be launched this year, also expected to have an extensive waiting period. Needless to say, it will take a significant amount of time to enhance the production up to the demand rate. Till then, the buyers will just have to wait.

  3. Kia Carens: Upto 1 year 

    Kia Carens launch
    Kia Carens launch

    The Carens has turned out surprisingly well for the brand, and it might be the time that Ertiga faces some competition in the segment. Carens is the first MUV launched by Kia in the Indian market and the waiting period for the diesel variants is upto 9 months.

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    As the market has been moving towards petrol with the manufacturers discontinuing their diesel engines, the waiting period for the petrol version is more. The petrol version has a waiting period of upto 1 year.

  4. Tata Punch: Upto 6 months waiting period

    Punch is an excellent & & affordable option that has great capabilities and is fuel-efficient. Coming to the micro-SUVs, the Punch conquered its share in the market as soon as it was launched. Tata showcased this product so well that the previous 3 month waiting period has doubled and went upto 6 months.

  5. Hyundai Creta: Upto 6 months waiting period

    Hyundai Creta Knight Addition

    Hyundai recently launched the Knight version of their best former from the lineup. As Tata has the dark variants, Hyundai launched the same with a different name, but the Knight version of Creta does look amazing.

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    The Creta might also be receiving an update this year, and it has been raising the numbers since the launch. The current waiting period for this mid-size SUV is upto 6 months.

  6. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga: Upto 6 months waiting period

    Maruti Suzuki Ertiga New Sales Record
    Maruti Suzuki Ertiga New Sales Record

    Another MUV on our list is the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga which has been the top performer in the segment for a while. Maruti Suzuki also updated their MUV recently with the new transmission and paddle shifters adding to the convenience of the car.

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    Ertiga has received immense love from the people due to its affordability, comfort and fuel efficiency. And with the CNG version helps commercial drivers too. After the update, the waiting period for this car has gone up to 6 months.

  7. Tata Nexon EV: Upto 6 month waiting period

    Tata Nexon EV Dark Edition
    Tata Nexon EV Dark Edition

    The last candidate on our list is the Nexon EV from Tata. Both IC engine and EV versions of this car have a waiting period which might have grown after the launch of the dark variants. Nexon has helped Tata reach new milestones throughout its journey with both versions.

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    As the EV scenario is gradually developing in India, more & more people are opting for EVs, with the Nexon EV being their perfect candidate. The current waiting period is 6 months, and with the longer-range twin launching soon, it might decrease.

    Which of these cars would you prefer to wait for?

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