Hindustan Motors Ambassador is a car that is known to be the flag bearer of the automobile industry revolution in India. It is known for being the longest-running production car in India. It has seen the decades of changes in the industry. HM discontinued Ambassador after being in production for over 50 years. Yet, people and their love for the car won’t let it die, ever. One such car fanatic, Sunny Panag, has designed an all-new Ambassador with a whole new muscular look. Let’s take a look at his render.

The Ambassador Is Back!

Concept 2020 Hindustan Ambassador Front
Concept 2020 Hindustan Ambassador Front

India is going to become the hub for innovation soon. The HM Ambassador designed by Sunny Panag is no less on the innovation too. The bold front fascia with the retro bulges on the hood that can be seen on the original Ambassador hits the right chords. Sunny Panag’s render is the personification of Luxury, Pride and Quality.

He came across some other designs that surfaced online and wanted to do justice to the icon while giving it all the modern elements it deserves.

Comparison with the Original Amby!

Front Section Comparison
Front Section Comparison

First of all, in the front section, you’ll find that the design cues have been carried forward from the original Ambassador. for instance, the circular headlamps that can be seen on the original Amby are there on the rendered one too. But now, the Amby has got DRLs too. And the circular LED rings around the fog lamps add to the beauty.

The grille’s design is also somewhat similar, though this time, the HM logo resides in the grille itself, with a single chrome strip running across the grille. The hood also carries the essence of the original car with curved front and dual bulge. The front fascia looks bolder than ever with a style statement of a muscle car.

Ambassador Comparison Longer Hood and Wheelbase
Ambassador Comparison Longer Hood and Wheelbase

This Ambassador has a longer wheelbase as well as a longer hood and boot. The longer wheelbase means more comfort inside with more legroom. The longer hood can accommodate more powerful engines. If I were to decide an engine for this car, I would go for the 3.0-litre V6 engine (I know, that’s not gonna happen!) although that is just a thought. It would be no justice to the car to give such a muscular look and a normal engine though! The wider and bigger wheels are a bliss to the sight.

Concept Hindustan Ambassador Render by Sunny Panag
Concept HM Ambassador Render by Sunny Panag

The rear gets sleek LED tail lamps with the boot-mounted brake-light at the middle. Frankly speaking, the rear has not got anything that can resemble the original Amby.

Concept 2020 Hindustan Ambassador Top View
Concept 2020 HM Ambassador Top View

Speaking about modernisation, the designer has added a sunroof to the HM Ambassador, a feature that has become common these days.

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Concept 2020 Hindustan Motors Ambassador Render
Concept 2020 HM Ambassador Render

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Should the HM Ambassador make a comeback in the coming years?

The car may look muscular, futuristic and sporty, but it does lack on the originality which many of our readers will testify. HM Ambassador is known to have the retro look and some people might not accept this rendering.

But, then the rendering does make sure that the HM Ambassador hits all the right feels for the ones that would love a modern iteration of the king. What are your thoughts on this render? Let us know in the comments section below!

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