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Hindustan Motors Sells The Iconic “Contessa” Name. What’s Cooking?

The Contessa was one of the luxury cars that was an instant hit in the market then. Hindustan Motors conquered a significant market at that time with the Ambassador & Contessa, but Contessa had more fans being the only Indian muscle car. While there were rumours about Contessa returning, HM has sold the brand. Let’s see what is happening:

“Contessa” sold to SG Corporate Mobility

HM Contessa | Hindustan's very own Muscle Car
HM Contessa | Hindustan’s very own Muscle Car

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Hindustan Motors is the automotive subsidiary of the CK Birla group, and they have revealed signing the deal to sell the “Contessa” brand name to SG Corporate Mobility for an undisclosed amount. This transfer will include elements such as the further application of the brand along with other related rights. The agreement becomes effective after fulfilling the agreement’s terms and conditions.

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Contessa ran on the Indian roads from 1984-2002 and had 2 engines throughout its journey. Although 50-54hp doesn’t seem enough right now but at that time, this was one of the most powerful cars with the latest luxury features, and the second engine was from Isuzu. It started falling behind when other brands such as Ford, Fiat & Tata released their products in the market. The rising petrol prices also played a role in the not-so-fuel-efficient Contessa, which was phased out in 2002.

HMFCI collaborating with Peugeot

Legendary Ambassador Making A Comeback? Details Here!
Legendary Ambassador Making A Comeback? Details Here!

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Further reports this year tell us about HM working with the french carmaker Peugeot to relaunch the Ambassador. The Ambassador was discontinued in 2014 due to low sales & poor demand is now in development and will be back as an EV. While the Ambassador EV was getting attention earlier this month, HM trademarked & patented the name of this legendary icon, but now they have changed their plans.

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The Indian enthusiasts would love to see the Contessa back and running on the roads again, but it will all depend on what SG Corporate Mobility has planned for the brand. But we can expect the Ambassador, which is already under development, in the next few years. Do you think the Contessa will make a comeback?

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