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History of the TVS Apache | Remembering the RTR Legacy

“Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly.” But then some bikes just won’t let that happen. TVS Racing, which has been in dominance from the past 38 years launched a bike that is still unmatched in terms of performance. TVS Apache, a bike crafted to overcome and overperform has completed 14 years of dominion in the segment. Let’s take a look at the course of #PureRacecraft.

2006 – TVS Apache 150 Launched

TVS and Suzuki had a 19 year-long partnership through which the company launched many 2 stroke bikes in India. Then the emission norms in the country changed and there was a dire need of a 4-stroke engine-powered bike. So in 2000, TVS-Suzuki launched Fiero, a 147cc 4-stroke bike.

TVS Suzuki Fiero | TVS Apache History
TVS Suzuki Fiero | TVS Apache History

Then in 2001, TVS and Suzuki parted ways and Fiero was being sold by TVS. In the time being, Bajaj launched its 150cc bike, the Pulsar. So, TVS has to get the hold of the 150cc segment before its too late.

TVS Apache 150
TVS Apache 150 | Source

This is when TVS Apache 150 comes into existence, first of the Apache grandeur. TVS developed the bike using its own R&D. Fiero’s 147cc engine went through major improvements which resulted in an increase in power output from 12hp to 13.5hp. TVS gave the Apache a synchronised stiff chassis, a derivative from TVS Racing marquee. TVS claimed that the Apache 150 is the fastest in its segment, thanks to the fast acceleration due to the intake and exhaust resonator. The sporty design and sleek looks added to the USPs of this bike. TVS Apache 150 was able to reach a top speed of 112kmph.

2007 – TVS Apache RTR 160 – More Equipped, More Powerful

TVS Apache RTR160
TVS Apache RTR 160 | TVS Apache History

Within two years, TVS decided to ramp up the game. Apache RTR160 was launched. RTR stands for ‘Racing Throttle Response’. It was the first bike in India to have Petal Disc Brakes. This type of brakes allows better heat dispersion. And then TVS also introduced FI system to the Apache RTR160 making it first in India to have the tech.

As for the engine, it was a 159.7cc engine which was capable of producing 15.12hp of power and a peak torque of 13.03Nm. The Apache could now reach a top speed of 118kmph.

2009 – TVS Apache RTR 180 Launched

TVS Apache RTR180 | TVS Apache History
TVS Apache RTR180 | TVS Apache History | Source

Apache had a good hold in the 150cc segment, being the fastest one in the arena. But Bajaj Pulsar had a 180cc variant which needed a rival too. So, TVS rebored the 160cc engine and Apache RTR 180 was born. The 177.4cc engine was churning out 16.62hp of power and a peak torque of 15.5Nm. Pulsar’s 180cc used to produce 15hp of power. This made Apache RTR 180 the fastest in the 180cc segment too. Within two years, TVS took a leap further by introducing dual-channel ABS in the Apache RTR 180, making it first ABS-equipped bike in India. There are too many firsts that Apache brought with it!

2012 – Much-awaited Facelifts Arrive

TVS Apache RTR Facelift | TVS Apache History
TVS Apache RTR Facelift | TVS Apache History

The Apache RTR 160 and 180 are commonly known as Apache Twins. Both the bikes made a great impression on the buyers. But with time, there was a dire need of an upgrade in design. So, in 2012, both the bikes received the much-needed upgrade. The bikes adorned redesigned headlight with LED DRLs and chiselled fuel tank extensions which helped in reducing the engine heat to some extent. The engine output remained the same. The RTR 160 received a single-channel ABS this time.

2016 – Apache Enters the 200cc Segment

TVS introduced Apache RTR 200 4V this year. This 197.5cc engine was producing 20.5hp of power and a peak torque of 18.1Nm. It had a whole new design language with bolder and sleeker looks. It was the first in the Apache marquee to have mono-shock suspension at the rear. In the coming years, the RTR200 received upgrades such as fuel injection, slipper clutch and ABS. It also received a Bluetooth enabled smartphone-compatible variant for the ones who always want to stay connected.

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V | TVS Apache History
TVS Apache RTR 200 4V | TVS Apache History

The 4V in the name indicates 4-valve technology which not only made the bike fastest in the segment, but also more fuel-efficient than its rivals. This tech was also passed onto the RTR160 in 2018. This made TVS Apache RTR 160 a worthy competitor to Suzuki Gixxer, Yamaha FZ and Honda CB Hornet 160R.

2017 – TVS Apache RR310 – Inspired by BMW G310 Twins

TVS Apache RR310
TVS Apache RR310 | TVS Apache History

TVS Motors partnered with BMW Motorrad in order to claim a global territory. The product of the partnership is the RR310, based on the BMW G310 twins. The 312.2cc engine is capable of churning out 34hp of power and a peak torque of 27.3Nm. This engine makes the bike capable of reaching speeds over 160kmph.

TVS Apache RTR 200Fi 4V – E100 | India’s First-Ever Ethanol Powered Motorcycle

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V - E100``
TVS Apache RTR 200 4V – E100

Another first in India from Apache marquee. The E100 is an ethanol powered bike capable of churning out 20.73hp of power and peak torque of 18.1Nm. The Ethanol powered Apache can reach a top speed of 129kmph. It is currently available in selected cities across the country. It is an Upshift to Green.

Let us know in the comments section below about your thoughts about the Apache. Stay pinned!

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Ritvik Gupta
Ritvik Gupta
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  1. RR 310 is not usable for day 2 day use considering the bulkyness, 200 power is very low..look at RE650, Dominar400 they are the beast and also fit for day2day use..looks slim but power is great..TVS has to increase the power for existing 200 cc with same look ..

  2. Towards the end of the article you have mentioned that TVS Apache RTR160 4V has been discontinued. But the model has been long upgraded and is available in the market compliant to BS6 norms. It got a price hike only yesterday. So please check on the info.

  3. TV’s is the Indian made company and every indian like TV’s bikes. I have two bikes buying in TV’s company, 1st apache rtr 180 and 2nd is TV’s sport, and in future I’ll buying 310rr it’s my dream bike. Thanks to TV’s for manufacturing reliable and trusty bikes for everyone.

  4. I have used Apache RTR 160 2017 model for 3 years after using four other company bikes previously, it’s the best vehicle ever I have used from all parameters ( build quality, power, fuel efficiency, ergonomics, balance stability every thing).
    Recently I have changed the brand to Bajaj ( pulsar NS 200 BS6) unexpectedly it’s build quality is very poor.
    Till date I have suggested many friends for TVS Apache and those who have taken my suggestion all are satisfied with their bike.
    Hats off to TVS for making such a wonderful machine.

    • Hi Sourav,
      TVS Apache has been built on the experience of TVS Racing which makes it stand apart from any bike out there. The bike utters sheer power and quality. Stay tuned!

  5. I owned RTR 160 2008 model…can’t describe the feeling in words…. Be it build quality… Handling… Ergonomics… Pickup… Although owner of FIERO F2 too but RTR was beast…LIVED the life with RTR which is now a memory… In 2011 got stolen.. Still missing the beast…. Proud to be owner of Indian brand ….keep it up TVS

  6. मेरे पास सुजुकी की फीयरों गाड़ी है जोकि 2001 मॉडल है चालू कंडीशन पर मैंने और भी उपलब्ध कंपनी की बाइक चलाई पर इसके जैसा रोड ग्रिप किसी और बाइक पर नहीं मिला शायद इसलिए मैंने कोई और बाइक नहीं खरीदी परंतु अभी इसके पार्ट्स उपलब्ध नहीं हो पा रहे हैं इस बात की मुझे बहुत अफसोस है कंपनी को चाहिए कि भले ऑन आर्डर लेकिन पार्ट्स तो उपलब्ध करवाना चाहिए

  7. I am about the complete 10 yrs with my TVS Apache RTR 160 was love at first sight. Still remember the special date (10/10/10). I am in process of bringing her old charm back for our 10th Anniversary as my expression of love and gratitude towards her.

  8. i owned a 2011 rtr 180…every drive on that beast was thrilling and expression of independence..after 3yrs, sadly, a local mechanic damaged my pal and i replaced it with pulsar150.. but I missed those days with my first TVS machine.. the acceleration, the nimbleness, the agility. .

  9. I have 8yrs of Apache experience..just loving,goodbalance,good mileage in sports bike catagory,and abcours e its mind bolwing bike..🏍️

  10. I have 15 years of journey with apache 150 2006 model. I am getting 52 kmpl.still im using it is in good condition. Now rear shock absorbers failed. I request to provide new shocks. TQ.


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