Honda City VS Skoda Slavia- Should The City Be Scared?

Honda City VS Skoda Slavia- Should The City Be Scared?

In an SUV dominated market, the Honda City still seems to be a very sought after product. It has been the most desired family sedan in India for over a decade now. But will this last? Skoda recently unveiled the Slavia, a sedan that will primarily compete with the Honda City. The Slavia is a replacement for the Skoda Rapid, which many didn’t consider as a competition to the City. Skoda has placed the Slavia slightly above where the Rapid was, it’s not just a “Sedan version of the Fabia” anymore. Let’s dig a bit deeper into this Honda City vs Skoda Slavia pit and find out which one’s better.

  1. Comfort

The City has always been the pinnacle of comfort in its segment. Its cabin offers more than enough space, the seats are plush and the suspension helps it glide over bumps. Comfort has never been a problem for the City. While we haven’t tested out the Slavia yet, our experiences with the Kushaq do suggest that the suspension will be a bit on the firmer side. The Slavia might have more cabin space since it boasts the longest wheelbase in the segment.

Honda City 5th Gen

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  1. Design

Well, this is subjective, but it’s still important to address this bit. The City has a classic yet contemporary design language. It retains the classic long sedan look and adds on some modern elements to the lights. One thing missing on the City is larger wheels, not only are they small in size, they are also not very wide. The Slavia on the other carries a mix of sportiness and elegance. Personally, I feel that Slavia’s design is much more impactful than that of the City.

Skoda Slavia

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  1. Performance

Honda’s i-VTEC has been the talk of the town for countless years now. It has most surely stood the test of time. Even without a turbo unit, it remains the most powerful engine in the segment, and it redlined at a crazy 7000 RPM. What makes the City stand out is that the engine feels ultra-smooth even when it’s taken up to RPMs as high as this. But the City should be concerned now. The Slavia, in its top variant, gets a 1.5L Turbo petrol engine that churns out 150HP and 250nm torque. These are certainly the best figures in the segment, by a good margin. What takes the Slavia two steps ahead is the fact that this 1.5L engine can be paired with a 7-Speed DSG. And we all know how good these Germans know their DSGs. So the Slavia definitely overtakes the City in this Honda City vs Skoda Slavia race!

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Skoda Slavia Interior

Conclusion– As always, no one car can be perfect for different people. So, if you want something that is super comfortable has excellent ride quality and is convenient to drive, go for the City. However, if you’re someone who wants sheer performance, stability and driving pleasure, go for the Slavia. This doesn’t mean that the City is not a performer, or the Slavia is not comfortable, these are just things that these 2 cars do best.

Honda City Interior