These days everyone is obsessed with modifying their cars and it is not stopping any soon. People are modifying their cars to look more like expensive ones because admit it, Not everyone can own a Porsche, Ferrari, and BMW. Also, it is the easiest way of realizing your dream of owning your dream car. With the obsession increasing every day, an entirely new market has been created, focusing only on car modification.

Well, In the video shown below the car owners crossed all the limits and converted their Honda Jazz into something which you wouldn’t have seen in any Need for Speed game or any fast and furious movie!! The video was uploaded by teamcardelight on their official Instagram channel. A Honda Jazz modified to look like a Pope Mobile.

In the video, We see that the Honda Jazz has been modified into a Pope Mobile by increasing its car roof to almost 8 feet! The car’s interior has been changed entirely. Instead of the rear seats, there’s a sofa and the whole inner roof has been treated with a lighting system. The car’s enter and exit doors have been replaced with glass doors and the height of the front and back glass has been increased. This modification left us baffled and it tells us about the limit to which people can go to modify their cars.

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Honda Jazz
Honda Jazz

Over the years Honda has delivered some of the best automobiles that leave an impact on everyone. The Honda Jazz was no exception, With its sleek design and amazing built quality this car left no stones unturned at impressing customers. Currently, Honda Jazz comes in a petrol-manual, a petrol-CVT auto and a diesel manual. Being a premier hatchback this car has tough competition against  Maruti Suzuki Baleno, Volkswagen Polo, and Hyundai Elite i20. Currently, the car has a price range of 8.27 to 10.54 lakhs(On-road, Delhi)

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