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Honda Offering 10-year Warranty? We Find Out!

Honda Cars India has come up with a new scheme that offers a 10-year warranty across its range. This is a first of its kind service being offered by any auto manufacturer. The cars which are being accompanied by the benefit are Honda City, Civic, Amaze, Jazz, BRV and the WRV. Customers can avail this even after their extended warranty period has expired. The new 10-year warranty scheme offered by Honda has been named as “Anytime Warranty”. 

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The warranty offered is for 1year/20,000 kms. The customer can opt for this warranty anytime provided that the car’s age is less than 7 years and the odometer reads less than 1,00,000 kms. The term 10-year warranty is being quoted because the customers can opt for this warranty anytime till the age of their vehicle is upto 10 years. The best thing about the new offer is that the customer can opt it anytime even if their standard or extended warranty has expired. If a customer opts for the “Anytime Warranty” after their current warranty has expired, they will have to pay slightly more than the customer who decided to opt for this program before their car’s warranty got exhausted.

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Another factor affecting this will be the service record. A customer who has got a proper service record will have to pay less for the “Anytime Warranty” as compared to a customer who doesn’t hold a proper service record for is Honda vehicle. Honda currently offers a 3-year standard warranty which the customer can extend upto 5 years by paying some amount. The amount varies according to which Honda car you opt for.

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The “Anytime Warranty” offered by Honda provides some benefits to the customers opting for it. The primary benefit us the free replacement for all parts covered in the warranty programme. The best part about this program is that it is valid at all Honda dealerships across India. The customer who has opted for the “Anytime Warranty” can avail all the benefits at all Honda dealerships across India. All the customer has to do is carry their new vehicle warranty booklet and the “Anytime Warranty” booklet in order to avail the benefits.

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