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Honda could bring CB500X, Rebel 500 to India: Here Are The Details

Riding motorcycles nowadays is not to go from point A to point B. It has become an emotion and a gateway to living life on the edge. By the entry of many premium motorcycle brands like BMWs, Triumphs. Many small motorcycle manufacturers in India are introducing high capacity motorcycles. Honda being one has just said that they could bring entry-level premium motorcycles such as Rebel 500 and CB500X to India.

The biking community in India is increasing and has seen gaining popularity linearly. Motorcycles in India range from the bare minimum and go all the way up to the big daddies like the Ducati. The increasing trend has encouraged people to choose big heavy motorcycles over cars.

Honda motorcycle lineup
Honda’s motorcycle lineup

Honda mid-weight motorcycles

Honda’s upcoming mid-weight motorcycles could fill the huge gap between 300cc and 650cc motorcycles in Honda’s lineup. In the 300cc categories, honda offers CB300R and the next closest motorcycle is Honda’s CBR650R.

To capture the mid-weight 500cc motorcycles Honda could bring 2 motorcycles to India, CB500X and CMX500 Rebel.


  • Both the motorcycles will be powered by the same 500cc liquid-cooled twin-cylinder engine which is capable of producing 47hp and about 43Nm of torque.
  • Being a parallel twin it’ll be much more refined and comfortable in crushing along with that is expected to have a very good throttle response than it’s rivals.
  • These figures are right next to the rivals like KTM 390 and Royal Enfield’s  650 Twins.
Honda CB500X
Honda CB500X
Honda CB500X
  • Honda’s CB500X is an adventure tourer and when it arrives it’s gonna rival the likes of the recently launched KTM’s 390 Adventure.
  • Honda is highly likely to bring the motorcycle as a CBU or CKD unit which signifies a higher price tag.
  • There is no straight comparison between the KTM’s and Honda’s adventure tourer. The KTM is assembled in India and justifies the perfect price tag it offers.
  • On the other hand, there is no match of the refinement of a parallel twin engine and Honda’s reliability.
  • Although the prices will be high if honda brings the motorcycle as CBU but it is planning to domestically produce the motorcycle.
Honda Rebel 500
Honda Rebel 500
Honda CMX500 Rebel
  • CMX500 Rebel is a very capable comfortable cruise that shares the same 500cc engine as the other sibling but it might get the engine in a different state of tune. That will suit the relaxed character of the motorcycle.
  • The new cruiser from honda will rival the 650 twins from Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson’s 750 lineups.
  • In terms of performance, all the motorcycles offer more or less the same figures. The difference is in reliability and refinement.
  • Honda is the most reliable of the lot.

Likewise, the prices will not be the deciding factor for the motorcycles but Honda’s reliability, refinement, and after-sales service what may shift the deal in honda’s hands. The expected price of the CBU unit is ₹ 5- ₹ 5.5Lakhs (ex-showroom).

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Utkarsh Bhardwaj
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