Are Honda SUVs Making A Comeback In India?

Are Honda SUVs Making A Comeback In India?

The SUV market in India has jumped up and destroyed most segments. In a country that used to be sedan-driven, SUVs have officially taken over. Most manufacturers have moved their focus to SUVs in the last 3 years, apart from Honda. With the Jazz and the WR-V being discontinued, Honda only has 2 cars on sale, the Amaze, and the City. Both these cars are sedans, something that buyers don’t prefer as much these days. So are Honda SUVs on the way? What is Honda’s plan? Let’s talk about this today!

  • Why people (used to) love Honda

Honda is known for their impeccable engines, comfort, and reliability. The service costs are easy on the pocket and the cars don’t require much attention. Keep a Honda clean and drive it nicely, and it will last decades. These are the reasons why Indians love their cars. However, recently, the lineup from this manufacturer has been aggressively cut down. With only 2 cars on sale, there isn’t much in the showrooms for most buyers.

  • Are Honda SUVs on the way?

Yes, Honda SUVs are on their way to the Indian market! The nearest one would be the Honda HR-V, which would rival the Creta, Seltos, Kushaq, and Taigun. The HR-V is a very promising product for the Indian market as it might mark the comeback of Honda cars in India. It also gets nifty features like ADAS, a full hybris system, and a powerful engine.

Honda HR-V Price Expectations Are: 12-19 Lakh Rupees
  • Can Honda SUVs change the market?

In terms of product quality, yes, Honda SUVs would be extremely promising. What Honda needs to work on here is marketing and pricing. Cars won’t sell unless people step into the showrooms and take test drives. It will take some time for Honda to drive in customers. However, once someone test drives a Honda car, it would be difficult for them to like other brands considering the quality Honda offers.

Honda Mobilio
  • Some Honda SUVs that we loved!

There might not be any SUV from Honda that buyers are unhappy with. Starting with the most premium one, the CR-V did duties in India for over a decade and we still see some older models running smoothly. Even the BR-V, Mobilio, and the WR-V were all much appreciated in the Indian market and sold in decent numbers. 

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