How Carbon-Ion Batteries Can Change Electric Cars Forever

How Carbon-Ion Batteries Can Change Electric Cars Forever

EVs are the future of personal as well as commercial mobility. But if there’s one thing that still deters consumers from making a full-fledged swing, is the long charging times that EVs still struggle with, especially when fast charging isn’t available. But chances are that the EVs are soon going to be changed forever, thanks to Carbon-Ion batteries. Read on to know more.

Carbon-Ion Batteries: The Future

EVs: A Step Towards the Future

In a bid to revolutionize electric mobility, UK based Tech Company ZapGo Ltd has developed a new carbon-ion battery technology that is expected to charge an electric vehicle as much as 100 times faster than the existing lithium-ion technology.

Developed in Oxford, UK, the Carbon-Ion battery technology is aimed to provide a charging solution that can charge up an EV in a mere 35 seconds and provide a 500km range as well.

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The Technology

C-Ion Batteries

The technology behind Carbon-Ion Batteries is as fascinating as the claim it makes. The battery is built by solid-state carbon-ion cells and contains no cobalt or lithium which translates into lower cost and better safety.

Using advanced forms of carbon coupled with a new class of ionic electrolyte, C-Ion cells are totally fire-proof because there is absolutely nothing inside that can catch fire. Moreover, even in the case, things go south, the ionic electrolytes will always act as a fire suppressant.

The best thing about C-Ion Batteries is that the advanced material used to build them can also be recycled once they reach their end of life.

In terms of mobility, the C-Ion cells can be packaged into sophisticated components such as the panels and the chassis, allowing modern-day EVs to safely accept charge at a much faster rate.

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Proof of Concept?

C-Ion Fast Charging // Representative Image

To showcase the ability of C-Ion batteries, a pilot conducted by ZapGo showed the ability of the new technology to fully charge an EV in just 35 seconds! The battery can be used on 350kW to 1,500kW (1.5MW) EV chargers, 10 times faster than existing superchargers.

So this was how Carbon-Ion Batteries can charge electric cars forever. Stay pinned to the GoMechanic Blog for everything automotive.

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