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Government Halts HSRP and Colour Coded Sticker Enforcement Drive!

Well, it seems that all’s not going well with the whole HSRP process! Delhi’s Transport Minister, Sh. Kailash Gahlot has recently directed the state’s transport authority to halt all enforcement actions against vehicles who have failed to procure the recently mandated HSRP (High-Security Registration Plate) and Colour Coded Stickers law.

HSRP India for Private Cars
HSRP India for Private Cars

Kailash Gahlot recently conducted a meeting with representatives from the transport department, Rosmerta Safety System Pvt. Ltd., NIC (National Informatics Centre) and OES manufacturers to discuss the various shortcomings in the process highlighted by the public.

He has also directed the public to avoid booking any further appointments for HSRP fitment and procurement until and unless “Proper’ System” is drafted and put into use.

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Why has the government taken this step?

  • This step has been taken to fix the glitches and delays in the HSRP website.
  • Moreover, another reason cited for this delay is the lack of information among HSRP manufacturers and dealerships.

What was the final result of the Meeting?

HSRP 3rd Sticker For a Petrol Car
HSRP 3rd Sticker For a Petrol Car
  • To ease things for all vehicle owners, the government is planning upon launching doorstep based services alongside the mobile app to ease the process of procuring the HSRP and colour coded stickers.
  • The government is also in talks with Rosmerta Safety System Pvt. Ltd. to establish a high-end system to tend to the all further grievances of vehicle owners.
  • According to a spokesperson from Rosmerta, the firm has also been instructed not to accept any appointments for HSRP or colour coded stickers until further notice.
  • However, for people who have already booked their respective slots will receive their designated HSRPs and stickers.


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