The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has issued a draft seeking suggestions for use of Hydrogen-enriched CNG also known as H-CNG as a fuel in the near future.

The draft is open to suggestions from the public and RELEVANT stakeholders. Considering the growing prices of petrol and diesel all over India, more and more people have now started shifting to CNG and electric vehicles.

HCNG is nothing but a cleaner form of CNG. Considering the already developed infrastructure to support CNG as a fuel in our country, implementing the use of HCNG won’t be an issue for sure.

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If the Ministry decides to go forward with this fuel option, they will have to make an amendment to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1979.

Considering the current times, the need for a personal vehicle has grown exponentially and the fuel prices are also experiencing a daily rise. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration some alternative fuels that might help in decreasing the expenses.

What is Hydrogen-Enriched CNG?

Hydrogen Enriched CNG
CNG Station

HCNG is nothing but a blend of Hydrogen and CNG. Yes, this is just about adding an additional gas in the already existing composition of CNG. Mixing 18% of Hydrogen in the already existing CNG will form the perfect hydrogen-enriched CNG. This mixture can then be used by heavy-duty vehicles by making small modifications in the engine to make it compatible with the new HCNG.

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Hydrogen Enriched CNG – Advantages

The new fuel in question has many considerable advantages over the already existing CNG fuel. Let’s quickly have a look at how hydrogen-enriched CNG has an edge over the CNG we currently use!

  • Lower CO (Carbon Monoxide) Emission
  • Lower Methane emission
  • Lower THC (Total Hydrocarbons) Emission
  • Better efficiency than CNG

Another advantage of having HCNG as a fuel is that it can easily be incorporated in the existing CNG lines on the fuel stations and the heavy vehicles.

Future Plans

Considering the high amount of CNG buses in Delhi and the available infrastructure, the government is planning to kickstart the testing phase of this new fuel from the capital city itself. Reports suggest that the trial phase will be carried out on 50 buses which will have the necessary modifications done in order to be able to run on HCNG.

Hydrogen enriched CNG
50 DTC Buses to be a part of the initial trial

According to EPCA (Environment Pollution Prevention and Control Authority), the foreign countries like Brazil, Canada and the US have seen a significant drop in the emissions because of the use of hydrogen-enriched CNG in buses and other heavy-duty vehicles. EPCA further mentions that shifting to this fuel won’t be a hassle. Thanks to the already developed CNG infrastructure in the country!

Want to give your suggestions on the potential upcoming fuel? Click here to go the official website and check out the draft! Let us know in the comments section what do you think of HCNG as a fuel in India.

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