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Hyundai Casper Vs Tata Punch Compared

Hyundai Casper and Tata Punch are currently two of the most awaited entry-level SUVs in India. With The Casper launch in Korea and the launch of Punch in India scheduled for September, we wanted to see how the two mini SUVs compare to each other. Let’s see how the cars would fare in  Hyundai Casper vs Tata Punch face off.

  1. Compactness

    Hyundai Casper
    Hyundai Casper| Credits- Rush Lane
    Tata Punch | Credits- Autocar
    Tata Punch | Credits- Autocar

    Hyundai Casper and Tata Punch are both micro SUVs under 4 metres. However, when it comes to dimensions, Casper is more compact than Punch. The Hyundai Casper with a 3595mm length is much smaller than its counterpart the Tata Punch (3840mm). The Casper is also 227mm smaller in width and is 60mm smaller in height.

  2. Looks

    Both the Casper and the Punch have a boxy appearance and split headlights. However, while the Punch went for a more rounded look, the Hyundai Casper is set apart by the chiselled detailing that gives it a retro vibe.

  3. Wheels

    The Hyundai Casper comes with 17-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels. While the Tata Punch comes with 16-inch alloy wheels. Appearance-wise, the two cars will also have very distinctive wheel arches setting them apart.

  4. Engine

    Hyundai Casper Engine likely to be similar to Grand i10 Nios | Credits- Indianautoblog
    Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Turbo GDi Revealed at Auto Expo 2020 | Credits- Indianautoblog

    While the Hyundai Casper is expected to get a powerful 1.0-litre petrol engine and a 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine, Tata Punch is the clear winner when it comes to engine options. The Punch will come with a three-cylinder 1.2-litre naturally-aspirated petrol engine.

  5. Power 

    The Casper’s 1.0-litre petrol engine will produce a maximum of 76 Bhp of max power while the turbo petrol engine will produce a maximum of 100hp. The Tata Punch NA petrol engine on the other hand can produce 86 hp while the turbo petrol variant can produce up to 110.

  6. Torque

    When it comes to Torque, Hyundai’s Casper actually has an advantage over the Tata Punch. The turbo engine for Casper has a Torque of 172 while that of Punch’s turbo engine is a mere 140nm.

  7. Transmission

    AMT | Transmission
    Gear Box

    The Casper comes with a 5-speed manual transmission with a 5-speed auto transition (AT) option. The Punch has a 5-speed manual transition too, shower Tata decided to go for an automated manual transition (AMT) instead of an AT option. However, AMT is difficult to adjust to and may not be for everyone.

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  8. Features

    The Tata Punch features will measure up to their recently released SUVs such as Tiago. Tata might provide the option of an Android touch screen entertainment system in the Punch. Apart from this, the car will have dual airbags and climate control features. Hyundai on the other hand will provide an Apple Car infotainment panel.

  9. Expected price

    Both the Casper and the Punch are expected to be sold at a base price of 5 Lakhs. However, Hyundai may make significant changes to the Casper before its launch in India to provide the car at a cheaper rate.

  10. Launch date

    Punch is already available to dealers in India. The car will be launched in September itself. The Casper has been launched for the Korean market, and there are plans to introduce it to India soon. Keep following this blog for updates.

    Which car do you think would win in a Hyundai Casper vs Tata Punch face off? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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