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Hyundai Crash Test Ratings: Ft. Creta, i20 – i20 Safer Than Creta?!

People generally don’t look forward to a Hyundai Crash Test Ratings, and Global NCAP again reminded us why. The recently tested Hyundai i20 and Creta were found to be the latest culprits in the safety domain. Both managed to score a mere 3 Stars rating given by Global NCAP. (During the 64 km/h front barrier collision test)

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Hyundai Crash Test Ratings: Creta, i20

Hyundai Creta Crash Test Rating
Hyundai Creta Crash Test Rating: 3 Stars


As earlier said, the Hyundai Creta managed to secure 3-stars out of a maximum 5 stars. This was quite expected as even before Hyundai crash test ratings were released, the Seltos which is on the same platform as the Creta, managed to secure 3 stars when it was tested in 2020.

Adult + Child Occupancy Protection Result:
Creta GNCAP Crash Test Rating: Adult + Child Protection
Creta GNCAP Crash Test Rating: Adult + Child Protection

It scored 8 out of 17 for adult protection. However, during the event of Hyundai crash test ratings, the drivers head area was rated as ‘good’ while  the passenger was rated as ‘adequate’. GNCAP stated that the base varant of Creta didn’t have a standard 3 point seatbelt offered, which is why Hyundai Crash Test Ratings are low.

For Child Occupancy Protection, it managed to secure 28.29/49 points. Chest protection was termed as ‘weak’ for the front facing dummy, while the rear facing dummy had a rating of ‘good’ for head and chest. A major chunk of the reason behind this was because of the lack of ISOFIX anchors.

The Creta’s body shell was coined to be unstable, and Global NCAP stated that it wasn’t capable of loading the car more. Because of this, there is a high chance that the front passengers might sustain injuries in the leg area during the unwanted event of a crash. As a result, the knee area protection was rated marginal.

Hyundai Crash Test Ratings: i20 

Hyundai i20 Crash Test Rating: 3 Stars
Hyundai i20 Crash Test Rating: 3 Stars

Just like the Creta, the body shell and footwell area of i20 was rated as unstable. It was also rated as ‘not capable of withstanding further loads’

The Old generation i20 was safer! (Adult Occupancy)
Hyundai Crash Test Rating: i20
Hyundai Crash Test Rating: i20
Adult Protection:

Surprisingly, the previous generation of the Hyundai i20 was safer than this model! The old generation hatchback, managed to score 10.15 points out of 17 points. The new generation model has gotten 8.84 points (Adult occupancy). This is marginally higher than the Hyundai Creta’s crash test rating of 8 points.

Head, neck protection was given a range of ‘adequate to good’. The Driver chest area was given a ‘weak’ rating, and the knee area was termed as ‘marginal’.

Child Safety Protection:

Although, the new-gen i20 got a higher score in child passenger safety, scoring 36.89/49 points as compared to 18.16 points on the old generation. This is significantly higher than Creta’s rating of 28.29 points. (Thanks to standard ISOFIX anchors). The i20 lost points only due to poor child neck protection, and because of the lap belt placed in the middle seat.

The Hyundai i20 is safer than Creta!
Adult Occupancy Child Occupancy
i20 8.84 / 17 36.89 / 49
Creta 8.0 / 17 28.29 / 49
i20 (Previous Gen Model) 10.15 / 17 8.16 / 49

GNCAP test results show that the i20 is safer than Creta. However, in real life Indian road condition, the saying goes that the bigger the better.

Before this, Hyundai had managed to secure a 2 star crash rating for its budget hatchback, Grand i10 Nios.

Will This Take A Toll On The Sales?

i20, Creta Sales To Go Down After Their Crash Test Safety Rating?
i20, Creta Sales To Go Down After Their Crash Test Safety Rating?

Though Global NCAP ratings show that Hyundai Crash Test Ratings are a matter of concern, we believe that these cars will continue to enjoy similar popularity as seen by earlier trends. Although the i10 Nios, Creta and i20 aren’t up to the mark in safety standards, the value offered by them is still immense.

The i10 Nios is a great car overall, with a perfect blend of style, punchy engine options, and great maneuverability. The same is with the Creta, as it is a comfortable car and is a bang for the buck package. [Wish we could’ve said the same for i20 ;)]

Although, one should never be too sure. Consumers are now getting more aware about safety of cars, and this might become a deal breaker for many. (Even though most people already knew that the safety was not up to the mark)


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