Hyundai Creta To Get An Updated Infotainment System

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After the launch of Hyundai Alcazar, the company will soon update the infotainment system in the Hyundai Creta. For you to know, Hyundai Creta is the brand’s top-selling vehicle hence, a slight update was necessary. Talking about the update, this is limited to infotainment system only. Hence the international spec car will not be coming as of now.

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Interior | Hyundai Alcazar

What will the new update support?

As said earlier, the SUV will get an updated system soon. To be precise, now Hyundai Creta will borrow its infotainment system from the recently launched Hyundai Alcazar. What are the updates you may ask? To begin with, the new system will support features like:

  • OTA (Over The Air) Updates
  • Additional Voice Commands
  • Remote seat ventilation
  • Remote air purifier access
  • Cricket and football updates

And more. Apart from the existing commands, the Creta will also support a voice-activated driver side window and also changing air direction. Cool Stuff!

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Updated Infotainment System | Image for representation only

What does Hyundai Alcazar offer over the Hyundai Creta?


Now, the infotainment will be updated by Hyundai, but will the company update other things?

To answer that we need to know the differences. So to begin with:

  • Hyundai Alcazar is more powerful and gets a bugger 2.0-litre naturally aspirated engine. Also, the Alazar gets a torque converter automatic over Creta’s DCT and iVT.
  • Moreover, the Alcazar gets a futuristic LCD instrument cluster.
  • Additionally, a 360-degree camera and front parking sensors are a boon.
Hyundai Creta

In one word yes, almost all the electronic equipmetns in the car can be updated in the new Creta. But whether the company will upate it in the futer is yet to be seen. Also, we too are waiting when Hyundai will rolls the update in the prodection model. So, stay pinned and let us know in the comment section, what do you think of this update? and also should the Creta get the updates from Alcazar?

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