Hyundai Develops Next-Gen Active Noise Control Tech

Hyundai developes Next-Gen Active Noise Control Tech

Recently Hyundai Motors have announced to have developed the world’s first RANC system ( Road Noise Active Noise Control) which substantially reduces within the cabin of a vehicle.

Hyundai’s newly developed advancement from Hyundai is to break the already existing NCT (Noise control technology). The Hyundai RANC is built on Hyundai’s current Active Noise Control (ANC) technology which actively reduces noise.

Hyundai develops Next-Gen Active Noise Control Tech

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This technical advancement from Hyundai seems quite different from the already existing passive methods of reducing noise through sound insulation foam. Which includes dynamic dampers, increasing the initial body weight but also fails in reducing the active noises.

The new Hyundai ANC uses lighter parts including microphones and controllers to control the noise and reduces infrasound more efficiently. The technology already exists in some Hyundai Motor Group vehicles.

Hyundai’s RANC system actively analyses real-time noises and produces inverted sound waves to reduce noise by 3dB. Although, the 3dB level is roughly half the noise level as compared without RANC. 

The microphone on Hyundai’s RANC system relatively monitors the road noise cancellation status and sends the information to the DSP and is able to conduct accurate noise analysis and rapid computation to neutralize road noises for the driver’s seat, the passenger seat and rear seats separately.

Hyundai went through 6 years of rigours research and development for the mass production with active participations from by Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, WeAcom, ARE, BurnYoung and more. Additionally, the mass production phase was carried out with global car audio company, Harman.

A research analyst from Hyundai stated RANC is a remarkable technology which takes existing NVH technology to the next level. We will continue to take the leading position of NVH technology and deliver the highest level of quietness to customers.”

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