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Hyundai IRIS Recognition System – Explained!

Technology has become the key differentiator in all sorts of products, and cars are one of them. In recent years, we have seen a slew of new tech join the car clubs, making choices for buyers even more interesting! Well, a few days back, Hyundai patented a new recognition technology called the Hyundai IRIS Recognition System. Let’s see what the Hyundai IRIS Recognition System is all about!

  • What is the Hyundai IRIS Recognition System?

The IRIS Scanner is a sophisticated recognition system that will identify the correct person through a quick scan of their Iris (part of the eye). This is very similar to the functionality of Face IDs in some of the smartphones in the market. The IRIS scanner is an even more secure and accurate version of the Face IDs that we all are familiar with. It is one of the most secure recognition systems and it is highly trustworthy as well!

  • How does the Hyundai IRIS Recognition System work?

The Hyundai IRIS Recognition System is a tech-enabled recognition system that works along with a slew of sensors and scanners. As soon as the driver sits on the seat, the scanner will look for a perfect match, and only then will the car be fully functional. Moreover, the system will also work over sunglasses, masks, or other light facial accessories. The system will also be able to move the steering out of the way if it is blocking the scanner’s vision. Once a perfect match is done, the steering and the seat will adjust themselves and the car will be ready to go!

The Hyundai IRIS Recognition system will surely prevent a huge number of car thefts since the car won’t start even with the right key. It will also be very useful for VIP and VVIP security and can prevent a large number of mishaps.

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