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Hyundai Car Sales Report For November 2022 – What’s Hot In The Market?


In this blog, we have talked about Hyundai Car Sales Report For November 2022! Hyundai is one of the top-selling car manufacturers in India. The car manufacturer has over 1400 dealerships across the country and is expanding at a rapid pace. With many new launches and price cuts, Hyundai had another fantastic year in India in 2022. With many more exciting launches on the cards for 2023, it will be interesting to see how Hyundai does in the coming months. In this article, we take a look at Hyundai’s sales numbers and analyze whether it was a good month for the brand or not. Let’s take a look at what happened with Hyundai car sales in November 2022 and its impact on the market:

Hyundai Sales Numbers

Hyundai registered a nice increase in sales in November compared to October, as the year-long strategy of aggressively expanding its distribution footprint hit a milestone. With over 70% of the market share and steady growth, the brand had a good month. The numbers are impressive in the context of such a saturated market, where competitors were struggling to keep up the momentum. Hyundai sold 48000 units in November. Hyundai registered impressive growth in November sales and grew its market share to 28%. Tata and Maruti Suzuki also registered healthy growth, while other brands struggled to keep up with the changing dynamics of the Indian car market.

November Hyundai Car Sales Analysis

Hyundai sold 48003 units in November, up from 48001 units in October, Hyundai managed to grow its share to 28% this year, marking a growth of 7 percentage points. The top three Hyundai models — I10 Nios, Creta, and Venue— together accounted for 92% of the brand’s November sales. The other models in the stable —, Aura, Alcazar, and i20 — together managed to sell just 14900 units during the month. Hyundai’s SUV offerings — CRETA and VENUE — together accounted for nearly 65% of the brand’s sales in November. The other models, Verna, Tucson, and Kona, together managed to sell a combined 2700 units during the month.

Hyundai SUV Sales Analysis

New Hyundai Alcazar Revealed

Hyundai SUV sales grew by a healthy 32% in November and the top-selling model — Creta — registered phenomenal growth. The SUV registered sales of 12,300 units in November, up from 11,800 units in October. Hyundai’s SUV portfolio offers a wide range of models for different segments. Creta has been the top-selling model for a few years now and the company will now look to improve the sales of the vehicle through launches of new variants and price cuts.

Hyundai Sedans Sales Analysis (Verna And Aura)

Third Generation Hyundai Santro (2018-present)10 Reasons why the Hyundai Verna should be your first premium sedan10 Reasons why the Hyundai Verna should be your first premium sedan

Sedans are popular car segments in India, and Hyundai was among the top sellers in the segment in November. The brand sold 6500 units in November, a growth of 3% over October sales. The top-selling model during November was the Aura, which accounted for over 25% of the sales during the month. The next model — Verna managed to sell just 2300 units during the month, which indicates that these models have meaningful data. Hyundai’s sedan offerings are diverse and the company offers models for different segments. Aura is the top-selling model and manages to retain its position among the top-selling models in the market despite several launches by its competitors. In fact, the car continues to be a favorite among Indian customers because of its affordability and reliability.

Hyundai Hatchback sales analysis: too new for meaningful data?

Hyundai i20 N-Line is it worth it?
Hyundai i20 N-Line is it worth it?

Company sold just 8003 units of its new hatchback i20 — a brand new launch. The numbers are not new for meaningful data. However, the launch of a new hatchback is expected to bring better traction to the brand and boost sales in the future. The new hatchback i20 N is an all-new model with an innovative design and cutting-edge technology. The car is likely to appeal to the younger set, who are more tech-savvy and value design over a budget brand. The i20 N has been launched in the market in 2021 During this period, the car is likely to gain traction in the market. We expect the sales numbers to improve once the model is well-established in the market.

Our Take: Hyundai Car Sales Report For November 2022

Hyundai is one of the top-selling car brands in India along with Maruti Suzuki, Toyota, and Honda. The company has over 1400 dealerships across the country and looks to expand their network even more in the coming year with the help of their new launches. Hyundai cars are well known for their unique features and sporty appeal. The carmaker is also collaborating with Uber to provide some of their cars for Uber taxis so that customers can choose from a variety of transportation options to get around.


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