Hyundai Venue Achieves New Booking Milestone!

Hyundai Venue Receives New Booking Milestone

In hopes to bring back their old fortune, Hyundai launched its most promising sub-compact SUV Venue in May 2019. The South Korean carmaker has recently revealed that the sub-compact SUV will close this year will over 1,00,000 bookings in its bags.

Hyundai has also revealed that the total amount of bookings received over 55% were for the Blue Link models.

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Hyundai Venue Receives New Booking Milestone

It is also worth knowing that Hyundai Venue had received over 75,000 bookings in the month of October this year. This means that Hyundai is looking at making up at least  25,000 orders during November and December, which amounts to an average of 12,500 units every month. These numbers can be considered as an achievement as these were achieved amidst the recent slowdown in the Indian Automotive Sector.

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The success of the Hyundai Venue in India has also encouraged Hyundai to take the vehicle to international markets as well. The sub-four-metre SUV will be launched in South Africa on December 2nd and to mark a cherry on the cake Hyundai has already shipped 14,000 units of the vehicle to South Africa.

Apart from the cosmetic tweaks on the Venue, the price has also played a major role in its popularity. The Hyundai Venue was originally launched in India at an introductory price which ranged between ₹6.5 lakh to ₹11.1 lakh. However, the carmaker has still not increased Venue’s prices so as to not affect its demand.