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5 Ways Of Identifying Flood Damage On A Car In India!

The trend of buying a used car is going up day by day, especially now with the long waiting periods on new cars. Buying a used car does come with its fair share of risks. It’s difficult to gauge whether the car you’re buying has gone through any damage. Today, let us help you with this. Here are 5 ways of Identifying Flood Damage on a Car in India!

  1. Check for Corrosion/Rusting

Rusting in a car can be a sign of flood damage, especially in the open or low-lying parts. Parts like the boot, fenders, and the underbody of the car will show signs of rusting if it’s damaged by a flood. There are parts in a car that are designed to avoid rusting, but not all parts can do this. So try to look for small parts like nuts and bolts and check them for signs of rusting. If a car experiences flooding, some parts are definitely bound to rust!Radiator Cap Rusting

  1. Check interiors for moisture and foul smell

The inside of your car can tell you a lot about the condition of your car. To check for flooding, see if you feel some moisture on the inside. Also, check for a foul smell from the seats. These are very strong signs that a car has been through a flood. The seat cushions are a very good place to check for moisture and foul smell.

  1. Malfunctioning Electronics

Malfunctioning electronics are also a sign of water damage on a car. Small things like unresponsive buttons, glitches in displays and faulty check-lights can tell you if the electronics are malfunctioning. If you see this happening, the car might have experienced some water/flood damage.Car Dashboard

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  1. VIN Number

The VIN number of your car can tell you a lot about the history of your car. Use the VIN number to check for any major repairs or insurance claims on a car. You can check the complete history of a car just through the VIN number, so do keep an eye out for this!2017 Honda City VIN Number Passenger Driver Door

  1. Oil Check

The oil dipstick can tell you a lot about water damage. If a car has been through a flood, some water is bound to creep into the oil. We all know that oil and water do not mix together. So use this information. Take the oil dipstick and examine it for water drops. If you do find water on the stick, the car has been through a flood.Engine Oil Check - Basic Car DIYs

So here were 5 ways of identifying flood damage on a car in India. Do let us know if you know any more tricks to identify flood damage on a car!

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