If These Indian Cars Were Firecrackers | Diwali Fun Read

If Cars Were Firecrackers

Although burning crackers is not allowed in the country this time and we should not burn crackers anyhow. But all of us have some childhood memories with the crackers we used back in the past. In today’s featured, we thought of comparing some Indian cars with the firecrackers. While we missed burning crackers this Diwali, let’s have a look at what these Indian cars would look like if they were Diwali crackers.

  1. Maruti Suzuki WagonR : 1000 Waali Ladi

    Maruti Suzuki WagonR

    If WagonR was a firecracker, it would surely be a bomb garland. Does that sound too English? Okay then, WagonR would be the “1000 ki ladi”. This is because just like those 1000 bombs last long after you light the fire, WagonR lasts long on the roads once you refuel! Yes, we are talking about fuel efficiency here. WagonR delivers a whopping 21.79kmpl with its 1.0-litre engine and 20.52kmpl for the 1.2-litre engine. Well coming to the main highlight, the CNG variant delivers 32.52km per kg!

  2. Toyota Fortuner: Skyshot

    2021 Toyota Fortuner

    We are calling the Fortuner a sky shot because just like we used to think twice before buying a sky shot because we had other equally good firecrackers available, we should think twice before buying a Fortuner too. We mean that you could easily buy an Endeavour in the same price segment and enjoy exactly what Fortuner delivers to you. P.S. you get a panoramic sunroof too. Toyota, when are you putting sunroof in your car?

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  3. New Honda Civic: Defective Bomb

    BS6 Honda Civic

    I bet this has happened with all of us at least once. We get a firecracker, we light it and it turns out to be defective. You get disappointed, right? We are calling the new Civic a defective bomb because it was a much-hyped car before it was released because the old Civic had set great standards and the audience expected too much from the new Civic as well. Unfortunately, this one turned out to be a dud. The legend couldn’t be back.

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  4. Renault Kwid : Mirchi Bomb

    BS6 Renault Kwid

    Kwid is a complete value for money car. Our parents were always interested in buying us shots rather than any other cracker just because it was cheap and served the purpose. Similarly, Kwid has got everything you can ask from an entry-level car. It has got features, has an optional AMT, delivers excellent comfort in comparison to its rivals and above all, it’s safe! Therefore, Kwid is the shots among the Indian cars firecrackers because it serves the purpose and is a complete value for money.

  5. Maruti S-Presso : Anaar

    Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

    All show no go. Just like the Anaar looks good on the outside but isn’t s good as other firecrackers, S-Presso also doesn’t deliver what it is meant to. Although S-Spresso has gained a decent sale number ever since its launch, it has failed miserably in the recently conducted Global NCAP crash test. This car is not at all safe because it has got a 0-star NCAP rating. It continues to sell more than Kwid just because of its a Maruti. We think, its high time and we should now consider safety over everything while buying a car (and while buying crackers too).

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  6. Kia Seltos : Anaar Bomb

    2020 Kia Seltos

    Yesterday’s Global NCAP came as a shocker to all the Kia fanboys! Comparing Indian cars with firecrackers, no one could look more like an Anaar Bomb than Seltos. It was doing good in the market till now. Just like the Anaar Bomb looks good and harmless from the outside, Seltos was ruling the hearts of many. The day, NCAP results were announced came as a blast. Now, Seltos might deliver air purifier, high-tech features and whatnot, it’s NOT SAFE. anymore!

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  7. MG: Chinese Crackers

    MG Hector

    Boycott China! Well, the emotion is against China in many ways now. We are going through a pandemic and the Government is trying to minimise India’s dependency on China in many ways. This is because we want to be #AatmaNirbhar and as the automotive industry plays a major role in building up our economy, we should support safe Indian brands like Tata and Mahindra rather than driving Chinese cars like the Hector. We know almost all brands import some or the other part from China but we should try to minimise our dependency on China as much as possible.

  8. Kia Sonet: Bijli Bomb

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    “Chota Packet Bada Dhamaaka”  There’s nothing much suitable for the Kia Sonet. It is surely a Bijli Bomb because it delivers too much in its price range. You get almost all that you can expect from a car in this price range. It is a mini Seltos. Wait, that will make you question its safety standards now. Right? unfortunately, it has not been tested for safety yet. This Bijli Bomb exploded so loud that it ended up getting record sales. The Venue is nowhere near!

  9. Hyundai Verna: Rocket

    Hyundai Verna 2017

    Rocket pickup! Well, if Chevrolet would have been here, we would have given this title to the Cruze. Due to the sad departure of the American automaker from our shores, Cruze is no longer available in the market. Hyundai Verna however, offers rocket high pickup and goes from 0-100 faster than its rivals. Hyundai Verna has been a good car throughout its generations and has also gained decent sale numbers. However, this rocket has not been able to beat the City till now.

  10. Maruti Swift: Chakri

    Maruti Suzuki Swift

    Just like the Chakri spreads its light and marks its presence over a large area, similarly, there is no place in India, where you will not find a Maruti Swift. Be it any generation, Swift was sold widely in India ever since it was launched. Considering its 2020 and we are getting the third-generation Swift. But you can easily find a second or even a first-gen swift on the roads in a well-maintained condition. Swift is available in almost all corners of the country and still continues to be among the top 10 selling cars in India every month.

These were the 10 Indian cars which we think portray the quality of firecrackers really well. Do you think there is another car which has got some of the other quality of a firecracker? Head to the comments section and let us know!