You may have come across many articles on the internet where people tell you how to be an aware customer and buyer when you step into the used car industry. Have you ever thought about how you can be a good seller and get the maximum for your car? Well, today’s featured is to make you aware of the same. Make sure you read this till the end so that the next time when you go to sell your car, you can get the maximum money for it. Here’s how you increase the resale value of your car. But before we start, we would like you to know that all the ways that will be mentioned below can help you get better value but are not a sure-shot way of extracting more money from the buyer. So be careful!

  1. Get Your Car Evaluated

    Next-gen Hyundai i10
    Next-gen Hyundai i10

    So, here’s the thing! There is no fixed price for the used cars in the market. It’s your car and you get to decide what price you are asking for it. No, we are not saying that you should ask for an unfair amount which the buyer obviously won’t offer. But you can surely ask a nominal amount depending upon the condition of your car. For instance, you can negotiate by letting them know about your driving style and the way you have maintained your vehicle. This will surely help you increase the resale value of your car by 10-12%. And the best way to get the best price is to get an evaluation certificate from a verified appraiser.

  2. Fix a base price!

    Ex-Showroom vs On-Road Car Prices In India
    Ex-Showroom vs On-Road Car Prices In India

    Just like the showroom guy settled at a price that you insisted for, you should also be a genuine seller while selling your used car. This tip is not to help you increase the resale value of your car but to be a genuine seller. Being a genuine seller is equally important too. Confused about the price you need to quote? You can check out some online portals and if you still want a detailed report along with an expected price quote, we will be happy to help you. Visit your nearest GoMechanic workshop for the same.

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  3. Get the papers in order

    Car Paperwork
    Car Paperwork

    Make sure that you have all the legal documents ready before you call the buyer to evaluate your car. Keeping all the paperwork ready will help you be a confident seller. Generally, the cars with all the paperwork usually end up with 10-12% more value than those which don’t have it. This is the easiest tip to increase the resale value of your car. Just make sure you have all the log ready. Be it battery replacement bill or tyre replacement bill, just keep them preserved till the car is with you.

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  4. Get your car cleaned and detailed thoroughly

    Car Cleaning Essentials You Must Own
    Car Cleaning

    First impression is the last impression. Posting an online ad for your car? Make sure the car is in its best condition throughout. Clean it thoroughly before you click its pictures and post it anywhere online. This will definitely help increase the resale value of your car as the customer will be attracted to your car only if he sees good pictures. Need professional cleaning so that your car can look brand new in the ads? You guessed it right! GoMechanic will be happy to help you.

  5. Get your car serviced

    Get your car's AC services regularly
    Car Service

    What’s the first thing that a buyer would check when they come to inspect your car? Let me tell you that all the online portals suggest them to check the engine oil and the air filter. Believe me, no one goes for a suspension check in the first go. Make sure you get the basic service done before you show your car to any potential buyer. Once the buyer is sure that you have got your car serviced, you can assure them of the condition of the car.

  6. Maintain a Proper Service Record

    Promise For Better Servicing
    Service Record

    No matter wherever you take your car for servicing, make sure you keep a log. Maintain a proper service record. Believe me, this is the major factor that will help you increase the resale value of your car. You can definitely negotiate for a better price if you have a proper service record. If you choose GoMechanic for your car’s regular service, you will be able to track the previous service at just a single click.

  7. Mention the Add-Ons / Accessories

    2020 Hyundai Tucson Facelift | Interior
    Car Accessories

    By accessories, we mean all the things inside your car cabin. It can be an aftermarket tech or even the infotainment system. Majority of the car buyers in the market lookout for features in the first go rather than keeping a check on the engine. Even if your car is working perfectly fine, a failed electrical component can land you in trouble. Make sure your car’s electricals are in perfect condition to increase your car’s resale value.

  8. User’s Manual

    Car User Manual
    Car User Manual

    Just imagine how great you can be for a person who is buying your car as their first car by just handing them over a book along with the car. We are talking about the owners’ manual. Your car’s manual can be baboon to all the first-time car buyers. This is because that will get to know about all the functionalities of the car. Also, the majority of the times, the manual has got the initial service coupons which are filled by the service station. These can act as proof of how well you have maintained your car.

  9. Tools and Spare Wheel

    Spare Wheel
    Spare Wheel

    Make sure your car’s spare wheel is in fit condition too. This will also help you increase the resale value of your car. The customers in the used car market try to find each and every aspect that they can negotiate on. But if you are well prepared, nothing can stop you from getting the value your car actually deserves. Make sure your tool kit, first aid kit, spare tyre and the hazard indicator are in perfect conditions.

  10. Spare Key

    Spare Car Key
    Spare Car Key

    Last but not the least, your car’s spare key can also help you score some extra bucks when you put your car on sale. This might not help increase the resale value significantly when considered alone but can prove to be a major factor when clubbed with others. Your car’s spare key can surely portray how careful you are towards your vehicle.

These were the 10 factors that could help you increase your car’s resale value by up to 12%. Just as we mentioned in the beginning, these factors cannot guarantee you a sure-shot spike in the offer but can prove to be very useful on your part while negotiating. Be an aware buyer and a good seller at the same time.

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