Indian Sedans Listed According to Their NCAP Safety Ratings

Indian Sedans & Their Crash Test Safety Rating

Global NCAP is on fire back again. Within a span of 3 weeks, the individual identity has tested 4 cars for safety under #SaferCarsForIndia. Well, most of the results were not as we expected but the Latest Mahindra Thar securing 4-stars in Adult occupancy was surely re-assuring the trust in Mahindra Brand.

Keeping that aside, a person willing to buy a car has safety rating in the top 3 preferences in the shopping kart. This is where we come in. So, here are the sedans in the Indian market and their crash test ratings. The cars listed cost under 35lakhs and are arranged from higher to lower crash test ratings.

  1. Toyota Yaris 5-Star (ASEAN NCAP)*

    Toyota Yaris Crash ASEAN NCAP

    One of the under-rated sedans in the Indian market is the Toyota Yaris. Well, the car seems to be a mixed bag when it comes to aesthetics and features. But it’s not always about the looks, and one should consider the safety as well. Also, people are slowly but definitely getting towards safety.

    That said, Toyota Yaris is one of the top picks when it comes to a safe sedan. The Yaris proudly carries a 5-star rating for the adult occupancy. Just for you to know, Toyota Yaris was tested in 2017. The car tested was from the Malaysian and Thailand model and we expect the Indian Yaris to score the same 5 Star.

  2. Honda City 5-Star (ASEAN NCAP)*

    Honda City Crash Test Rating

    The latest car to get crash tested is the new 5th gen Honda City. Looks being subjective, but it is sure a size large than its predecessor. With that said, ASEAN NCAP tested the sedan last month and the Japanese car City impressed everyone with a 5-star rating in the adult occupancy.

    This makes the 5th gen City the safest car at this price. Also, this sedan is fairly safe when it comes to child occupancy. Talking about safety features, Honda City gets dual airbags, ABS+EBD as standard.

  3. Hyundai Elantra 5-Star (ASEAN NCAP)*

    Hyundai Elantra Crash Test Rating

    Again we have to skip a beat and move up a ladder in terms of price. Hyundai Elantra is one of the two D-Segment cars that are sold in the domestic market. Sadly, rest have sailed away. Here is Why! Coming back to Hyundai Elantra, the car manages to score 5-stars. Well, this is what you expect from a sedan when paying a hefty amount.

    Also, the Elantra surprises in the child safety rating as it gets 4 stars. 6 airbags, with all the electronic safety features, is what that comes in Hyundai Elantra as standards here in India.

  4. Skoda Superb 5-Star (Euro NCAP)*

    Skoda Superb Crash Test Rating

    Moving to a segment above, Skoda Superb is one the vehicle that offers the complete package. This sedan does not compromise on the creature comfort in the front and the rear seats, also is a gem from behind the wheel.

    And we are happy to report in terms of safety Superb is well, SUPERB. Euro NCAP is one of the reputed crash test facilities and Skoda Superb scores healthy 5 Stars overall. Also, the sedan scores a well in the child occupancy.

  5. Tata Tigor 4-Star (Global NCAP)

    Tata Tiago Crash Test Rating

    We are really proud that an Indian carmaker has a car in the compact sedan segment that is safe. How safe is the Tata Tigor, you may ask? Well, the car scores a healthy 4-Star rating for adult occupancy.

    Stating the obvious fact that Tata Tigor is based on the Tata Tiago Hatchback. That said, this compact sedan comes with all the standard safety features, like dual front bags, ABS+EBD and more.

  6. Honda Amaze 4-Star (Global NCAP) Africa version*

    Honda Amaze Global NCAP Crash Test Rating

    You may know that Global NCAP tests cars for the entire world but runs specific tests for Indian and African cars. This is where the Honda Amaze from the African market comes in. Not boasting thought, but Honda Amaze scores a healthy 4-star crash test rating when it comes to adult occupancy.

    But Amaze was only able to score 1 star when it comes to child occupancy. The car tested had dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, and seat belt pre-tensioners. Things those are relieving is that the Amaze tested is made in Indian and is exported to Africa.

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  7. Volkswagen Vento 4-Star (Global NCAP) {Assumption}

    Volksfest Edition Volkswagen Vento | Sedan Crash Test Rating

    In 2014, Global NCAP helped the Indian consumers in buying the right car by lifting the curtains of the safety of the car. Similar was the case with the Volkswagen Polo. With that said, Polo shares similar front section. Meaning? Polo with dual front airbags may have the same rating as the polo when it comes to the frontal impact.

    Coming to the numbers, we assume Volkswagen Vento to also score a decent 4-star rating. Vento, after the announcement of BNVSAP norms, gets dual front airbags as standard. Driver aids include ABS with EBD and also TC in higher variants. (Although, FWD vehicle do not need TC)

  8. Skoda Rapid 4-Star (ASEAN NCAP) {Assumption}

    Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI | Sedan Crash Test Rating

    All know that Skoda Rapid not only shares the same platform as the Polo and Vento but also boast of the same new 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine. But is a little bit on the lower side in terms of cost, when comparing it with the Vento.

    But this doesn’t mean it compromises on safety. We expect Skoda Rapid to score an identical 4 star as the Polo in the frontal crash test. The standard safety kit is dual front airbags, seat-belt pre-tensioners to name a few.

  9. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz 4-Star (ASEAN NCAP)*

    Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Crash Test Rating

    If you think the Maruti Suzuki sells Ciaz only in India? We insist you think again. The car is also sold overseas with similar specs. This makes it evident that it might share the same components as the Ciaz here in our market.

    That said, in the ASEAN NCAP Maruti Suzuki Ciaz got brain-boggling 4-Stars in adult occupancy. Sadly, moving to the rear seats, Ciaz was only able to achieve 2 stars in the child occupancy. Moving on, the car tested came equipt with dual front airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners. Besides, the car also got the standard driver aid electronics.

  10. Honda Civic 4-Star (Euro NCAP)*

    Honda Civic | Sedan Crash Test Rating

    The legend is what Honda likes to call Civic here in India. This is because the car looks stunning and drives like a dream. But what’s not the Civic’s USP is the engine and the safety. Looks should not be the sole reason buying a vehicle. Talking about the Honda Civic, it manages to score just 4-Stars in the adult occupancy.

    Considering the price in the domestic market, Civic is surely a bit overrated. As you are getting a car with just 4 stars and the sedan costs way more than 20Lakhs. Here in India Honda Civic gets, dual front airbags as standard and electronic features include, vehicle stability assist, angle handling assist and more.

  11. Ford Aspire 3-star (Global NCAP)

    Ford Aspire | Sedan Crash Test Rating

    The weakest link in the list is the Ford Aspire, also this is the shortest when it comes to length. Ford Aspire was tested in 2017 and was able to score mere 3-stars in the adult occupancy. The news is even worse, as the Aspire got only 2 stars for child occupancy. The car tested got dual air-bags with most of the driver electronic aids but seatbelt pre-tensioners were missing.

*NOTE*: Just for you to know, the car variants sold in the domestic market may or may not be different from the one tested. Similarly, the test rating could also be different when comparing to the car sold in India to the one tested.

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