YouTube has already become a part of our daily lives and all of us like to see videos around our favourite genres. In today’s featured, we are going to talk about famous Indian YouTubers and their cars and this is the second part so if you haven’t read the first one yet, don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

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  1. Flying Beast – BMW X4

    All of us know him inside out because he shares almost everything with his audience. If you are one of his followers, you already know he went to test drive many cars including the latest Land Rover Defender. But he still chose to buy a BMW X4 for himself and now all of us know how he loves driving the car and vlogging about it. For those who don’t know, he also owns a Honda City.

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  2. Jatt Prabhjot – Land Rover Evoque

    He is famous for his biking and travel vlogs. But now, he also owns a luxury car and you can see that right above in the thumbnail. This Land Rover Evoque belongs to Jatt Prabhjot and his followers might know how controversial the initial ownership phase was! Not getting into that, he is on our list of YouTubers and their cars part 2 because this is a great piece of technology that you would spot on the Indian roads.

  3. Musafir a.k.a Joshi – BMW 5 Series

    I have a personal connection to him because even I heard about GoMechanic through his Gypsy series and now that I have you, people, as such a beautiful reading audience, I won’t miss out on him. Rahul Joshi stands third on our list of YouTubers and their cars. Although there is no ranking as such. GoMechanic has been his trusted service partner for all his cars. From Swift to Gypsy and now the BMW, we have got him covered!

  4. Get Install – Swift Type II

    Another YouTube creator who trusts us for all his car service needs. We are talking about Shahrukh Khan who has his YT by the name of Get Install. He is a part-time creator and I believe you surely love his content. Billo as he calls his Swift, we had a great time fixing stuff for him. For those who don’t know, this car is now wrapped in green colour! Go check out yourself.

  5. Dayakaran Vlogs – Toyota Fortuner

    With this, you would know that GoMechanic’s trust with creators is not limited to Delhi/NCR. Dayakaran Singh from Punjab is our recurring customer too! We still remember the day when he used to own a Swift and walked in for servicing. Now that he owns a Fortuner, we make sure that his car’s reliability is never compromised on road trips!

  6. Rahul Singh – Swift Type III

    If you live in Delhi/NCR I bet you have seen this car at least once. And with that, there is nothing wrong in saying that we have seen this car more than once! Where? At our workshop! In our list of YouTubers and their cars, we have Rahul Singh’s heavily modified Swift as the next one on our list. This machine doesn’t look like a Maruti at all! Visual upgrades, performance upgrades and whatnot. Still, he chooses only one place for his car’s service. GoMechanic!

  7. YPM Vlogs – Mercedes GLA200

    One day YPM was in trouble and called us for emergency roadside assistance! We had immense pleasure in rectifying the small faults his Brezza had back then. Now that it’s 2021, this guy owns a Mercedes GLA200. Want to watch the delivery vlog? We have it right here for you. Click to watch.

  8. Ashwin Singh Takiar – Ford Endeavour

    We know he has a Ford Endeavour because he visited our workshop for some minor AC repair work, but his fans would know that he also owns an Audi R8! This is one of the rarest vehicles you would spot in India and when you do, you know it belongs to Ashwin! His vlogs are absolutely lovely and so are his vehicles. From some awesome wraps to performance upgrades, he never fails to win our hearts.

  9. Speedy Singh – Hyundai i20

    All the Delhiites surely know this guy who had a Swift Type-II with a sunroof! Yes, you read that right. Now that he has sold his Swift, he upgraded to the latest generation of the i20. You can already see from the thumbnail that he has opted for the base variant. We can expect some exciting upgrades from him in the upcoming days. What do you think of the latest-gen i20? Do let us know in the comments section below!

  10. Sriman Kotaru – Hyundai Verna

    Last but not least, on our list of Indian YouTubers and their cars, we have Sriman Kotaru with his Hyundai Verna. We remember he chose us when he wanted to get his old Hyundai Accent fixed and he called us up again when his Verna broke down. His fans know how much he loves his cars. If you love your car too, you should choose a car care partner who treats your car like their own! Don’t Panic Just GoMechanic!

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