Indians Willing To Pay More For Safer Cars: Survey Says

Indians Willing To Pay More For Safer Cars: Survey Says

Any Indian car buyer considers three factors: fuel efficiency, price, and resale value while buying a car. Usually, Indian buyers ignore the safety features and other factors such as the Global NCAP rating.

But a recent survey conducted by Mobility Outlook( a CarTrade brand) shows how things are changing and safer cars are in demand.

Rising Focus On Safety

Safety Comparison

Mobility Outlook conducted this survey with a sample size of 2.7 lakh customers spread across India in both metro & non-metro cities. The awareness spread to emphasise the importance of safety is finally being reaped. Initiatives such as #SAFERCARSFORINDIA by Global NCAP also play a vital role.

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The survey had positive results indicating that now people are willing to spend more than ₹30,000 on better safety & security features. This is a promising outcome as we should not compromise on safety. 

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“One of the survey’s significant outcomes was that 3/4th of respondents preferred to explore four or five-star-rated safety vehicles for their future vehicle purchases, and were willing to extend their budget for safety.”

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This was due to the awareness made by making safety features such as ABS & dual airbags necessary in all cars. Our transport minister Mr Nitin Gadkari took this initiative, who further suggested adding more airbags specifically to the small family hatchbacks.

Industry Transformation

Banwari Lal Sharma, CEO, CarTrade, said: “The automotive industry is experiencing an industry transformation, with new security and safety features being introduced and incorporated.”

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The industry is going through significant changes focusing on safety and the EV revolution. Indian carmakers such as Tata & Mahindra have worked a lot on safety, and their cars perform well at the NCAP crash tests.

Tata Punch NCAP

The Punch is the latest one to receive a 5-star rating; it is among other Tata cars such as Nexon, Altroz which are a complete package. Mahindra cars such as XUV300, Thar & the latest XUV700 have performed well with either 4 or 5-star ratings.

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Another fact that the survey analysed was that about 45% of the car buyers felt safer with new cars rather than old cars with no regard to the safety ratings. Safety ratings are crucial, and while considering used vehicles, various factors such as the driving & accidental record need to be checked.

“The fact that 27 per cent of respondents were unaware of safety ratings is grounds for serious concern”.

The above-inferred result from the survey needs to be addressed appropriately. More crash tests need to be conducted with better safety standards set as it is time to look at more than fuel efficiency while buying a car. We need to be more aware of this topic and ensure safer vehicles for our people.