Introducing GoConnect OBD: A Smart Device For A Smarter Car!

Make Your Car Smart With GoConnect OBD

We at GoMechanic have come up with a smart solution for every car lover out there. A device that can keep you in touch with your car, 24X7, without physically being with it all the time. Presenting a smart device for a smarter car, the GoConnect OBD, a device that can let you be in control of your car, all through your phone. How? Let’s find out.


What exactly is GoConnect OBD?

GoMechanic’s GoConnect is an OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) device that connects with your car’s OBD port and lets you keep a track of the vital parameters of your car.

GoConnect OBD- Smart Device for a Smarter Car

This is just one fish in the ocean of features. But before diving deep into the list of features, let’s first understand how the GoConnect OBD works?

GoConnect OBD Onboard Diagnostics

GoConnect OBD | Working

Every vehicle manufactured after 2010 was mandated to have an OBD2 port in India. The GoConnect will easily plug into this port. A few minutes after installation, head on to My Car section on the GoMechanic App and initialize GoConnect Pairing.

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GoConnect will then scan through the various systems of your car and display all the vitals, right on the app. This smart device with AI-enabled features will help you keep track of a lot of things related to your car. Let’s list them out.

GoConnect in the GoMechanic App
  1. Real-Time Location Tracking

    With live GPS tracking, GoConnect helps you to stay connected with your car. Moreover, real-time speed monitoring makes sure that your car is driven in the most economical driving range possible. This helps you keep the fuel mileage in check.

  2. Comprehensive Car Health Report

    Your car’s vital parameters such as engine health, transmission health and much more cannot be assessed through naked eyes. GoConnect will not only monitor the vitals of your car but will also create a smart health report.

  3. Driving Behaviour Analysis

    You can improve your driving with GoConnect. With a score for every drive based on parameters such as harsh braking, sudden acceleration, idling time and other basic parameters, you can keep a track of your driving. Analyze your driving and become a better driver with GoConnect!

  4. Smart Car Alerts

    With all the crucial alerts such as accidental, towing etc, GoConnect makes sure that you are in touch with your car, without being there physically.

  5. Geo-Fencing

    Want your car to stay in a specified radius? Say no more! With GoConnect, you can specify the perimeter of your choice and you’ll get notified if your car leaves the designated area.

  6. Anti-Theft Alarm

    Set a time frame according to your requirement. GoConnect will notify you if your car is driven in the specified time. This will ensure that you get to know if an unauthorised person tries to access your car.

  7. Emergency Calling

    In the case of an event such as accident, your emergency contacts get alerted.

How to get GoConnect?

GoConnect in App

Simply download the GoMechanic app and head on to my cars section. Click on the Know More button and take a look at the vast features GoConnect has to offer. Simply Add the Device to the cart and pay ₹1,999. GoConnect is all set to make your car smarter!

So, what are you waiting for Download the GoMechanic App now and get your GoConnect today!

Get your very own GoConnect OBD by downloading the app and clicking on this link. The GoConnect OBD 2.0 is available for both Android and iOS.